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This mod is a lore-friendly visual overhaul of our most dear Jarl of Solitude - Elisif the Fair, (maybe) the future High Queen of Skyrim. Designed for my story "A Skyrim's Tale" and shared here for everyone in the community who may like her.

Permissions and credits


The main idea for this mod was to create a more realistic and believable Elisif to fit in my "A Skyrim's Tale" universe and narrative, starting from the idea that she is a young widow who lost her dear husband in a horrid and brutal event, having to take care of the capital of a province in the middle of a Civil War. She is inexperienced, but don't mistake her inexperience and kindness for weakness and naivety. In my view, Elisif can be an excellent leader if she listens to the right counselors, she have charisma and is popular amongst her people and she is also smart enough to change her mind if necessary.

Taking this as a base, I wanted to show in this overhaul the points I think are important in her character construction. Elisif is a pretty and noble Nord, yes, but she is not a siliconed doll. She is a young lass stressed by the recent events and it is shown on her appearence. The menace of the Stormcloak Rebellion, a lot of people telling her what to do and she must decide who among her advisers and courtiers gives her good advice and who lies, the needs of the common people and her own reputation as a capable Jarl... And in the end, she in mourning for her beloved Torygg without proper time to take care of herself in this grief.

Elisif have a long brushed and braided hair, as in my view by her position she should have some maids to take care of these details of her appearence in her daily routine. But you also can see that she have some reddish circles around her eyes thanks tiredness and crying and her skin have some details as freckles and moles, as it is common in very fair complexions. She have a serene but also sad expressions and her moist eyes not only show this sadness but a self control in front of other people, her inner strenght and sense of duty she have.

In resume, she should be pretty, but not "perfect". 

Incompatible with all other mods that changes Elisif's appearance, just that. She will work with anything else. If you find some problem, just let me know.

As she is standalone, she uses her own textures, you don't need to worry about installing mods for her to look like in the pictures. To install use a mod manager of your choice, and if you want installing this manually just drop the archives in your folder (but I hope you know what you're doing). If you are a Mod Organizer user and are having a problem with the installation, be sure that the esp, textures and meshes folders are out of the "Data" folder.


Q: Can you change this, add or remove something?

A: No, unless it causes a trouble in the mod to work properly. She was born for my liking and I'm sharing her here since some people liked my version of her and maybe want to have another Elisif in their games. I will not make any special version to please your aesthetic, I can only fix issues and for now I don't intend to release any improvement.

Q: Help, she doesn't look right!

A: All I can say is to try to reinstall, rearrange your load order and see if there is no other mod conflicting with this one. Any other problem can be reported on the comment section and I will do my best to correct it, but remember "Death is certain, the time is not", so please be polite and patient as I'm not the modder and everyone has adulthood to deal with.

Q: Why she is using underware? There is no nude version of her?

A: The answer is simple: She is using underware because people use underware (if you don't use, not my problem) and no, there will be no nude version of her. If you can do it by yourself for your personal use and... purposes, good luck, but no one have my permission to do it, just to be clear. As someone said in my other mod, not everyone plays this game as a substitute for porn.

Q: What are the mods for outfit/location/jewelry you are using in the pics?

The black version of Elisif's Jarl clothes is a retex of Rustic Clothing I did for personal use, I have no permission to share it. The other mods are:

Raven Castle
Karlov Jewelry Collection  and Karlov Manor
Full Inu's Pack
Divine Elegance Store
NewMiller's Jewelry Collection
Black Viper's Will
Kozakowy's Black Coset Dress
Kozakowy's Rembrandt & Salem Gowns
Team Tal's BDOR Pack
KS Jewelry
Slobodnik Public Dress Pack
Triss Dress

Q: I don't like it / Don't like you!

A special thank you to my bro Olympus2917 who requested this mod to be released. Here she is, bro!

A round of applause to my dear twin and team mate 4l3nZ4R who helped me with the creation of this mod, doing all the job with the CK and making this replacer possible! You can check his wonderful writings here and check his profile for badass replacers and followers.

My big thanks to WastelandWarlord99 who helped me with the port to SSE! Thanks bro!

Also thanks to my brothers and sisters of Trollbane Company for testing the mod, sending me constructive criticism, support and making awesome pics!

 VoDovahkiin, tylermcpotter, Nataly1q2w3e4r5t, MrKinkku, Khermiit, TheMagnusTheory, kozakowy, Vermi77, Dovahkiinathay, dovalady1995 and everyone in the server!

To all the friends who liked this version and encouraged me to release itm showing support and interest!

All feedback is welcome, and of course I will be immensely happy if you upload your showcases, images or videos with her! <3

If you can, support these amazing modders by downloading and endorsing their work!

KS Hairdos Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic
Demoniac - High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture by Regenbot03 (SG + Real Girls version with Goosebumps option)
Dimonized UNP Body by Dimon99
Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents by pikkatze (3D textures of the face)
Tempered Skins for Females by traa108
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Expressive Facegen Morphs by Niroku
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaley (Some of the makeup and teeth)
Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty by Lamenthia (Thank you for the amazing overlays for character creation!)
SG Female Eyebrows by hellosanta
Xenius Character Expansion - Scars by Xenius 
Skin Feature Overlays by DomainWolf 
Wolfpaint - Facepaint Collection by DomainWolf

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