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Here are some mods that I decided to return
Items are in chests in Riverwood - look on screens or craftable in jewellery
You can make anything what you want while it is non-commercial destribution and you give me credits as original mod author.
I don't give permission to upload it in steam.

thanks to Supertin and Nozi87 for video

1-2: draped dress (few dozens variants), made for UNP works with CBBE also
3, 7: Necklaces and circlets collection - near 100 items, does not depend from bodytype
4-5: Summer dress - near dozen variants. Also you can  buy items from Francesca (Whiterun - Belethor shop)

Jewelry CBBE and UNP (heart necklaces) is deleted now (well, they didn't look very smooth), but you can have necklaces and circlets that look very close to it (and I think, looks better) in my new mod Newmiller drake2 jewellery necklace UNP CBBE (jewelry)

Also you can be interested in my other mods
Also you can be interested in my other mods

Vampire chain cuirass CBBE DG UNPB UNP
Newmiller's compillation bikini - heels - stockings
Vampire Dark knight UNPB DreamGirl 7base CBBE Bodyslide
Newmiller drake2 jewellery necklace UNP CBBE (jewelry)
Chain bikini and heels gloves stockings

for Tribal brushes to ObsidianDawn
to VictoriaG for some screens
to zzjay for hairs used in circlet of Summer Robe