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50+ face overlays for freckles, moles, age spots, birthmarks and more. They are for female characters, but some of them look good on men as well.

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Thank you 4l3nZ4R for porting this mod to LE.
Text below copied from the SSE version of this mod:

This is a mod I started a couple of months ago for personal use only.  I wanted some handmade freckles and moles for my characters.  I wasn’t originally intending to release this mod until I saw PoeticAnt44 post her Courageous Women images for her upcoming female NPC mod.  As soon as I saw her women, I thought my freckles and moles would go great with them.  So, I asked her if she would be willing to use my overlays in her mod.  Even then, I still wasn’t certain I wanted to release the mod.  
As she tested them out, we talked and decided to add even more freckles and moles.  She also requested some larger age spots for the older female NPCs.  After testing them out, she enjoyed them so much, she encouraged me to release the mod for everyone else, insisting that others will love them too.  Soon, I expanded it to include birthmarks, rosacea, and under eye bags.  So, here I am, posting my Marks of Beauty mod.
What’s included in this mod:

  • 15 freckle overlays
  • 15 mole overlays
  • 10 age spot overlays
  • 10 birthmark overlays
  • 7 miscellaneous overlays including:  4 under eye overlays and 3 for uneven redness 
This mod requires RaceMenu.  They will be listed under the Makeup Tab.  Overlays are called “Lamenthia.”  While I created these to be used for female characters, some may look good on men as well.
I may add more later, and I’m open for requests.  If you do have requests, please be specific instead of asking for ‘more freckles.’ 
Reference photos are even better.
“Lamenthia made some gorgeous overlays that really adds to your character, adding realism to their skin texture.  These aren’t just freckles and moles.  The age spots, combined with the under eye overlays makes your character look older without the excessive eldery look.  Even better, you don’t need an extra overlay for the neck.  The freckles and moles travel down the throat for added realism.  I now use her mod solely for my female NPCs and characters.”  ~ PoeticAnt44

Thank you, PoeticAnt44, for testing, screenshots, helping, suggesting the name for this mod, giving me confidence and encouraging me to release this mod. Without you this mod would still be only in my personal use.