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Here in Nexus I post "A Skyrim's Tale", A story of adventure and intrigue involving the discovery of a powerful hero and the fate of the world, as she discovers more about herself, gets involved in wars, politics, collects enemies and faithful allies.













Aslög is born somewhere in Skyrim, in a place totally unknown to her. For undscovered reasons, her true parents where murdered by Empire Legionaires and she was raised all along Cyrodiil by Sigurd and Brunhilde, a merchant couple, and her adopted brother Z'halem, a Khajiit boy.
She is a clever woman, with a sarcastic and dark personality, a steel strenght and a fierce combat skill, but is also someone with a sense of justice and humanity. She's protector of her loved ones, a loyal and a fair friend, creative, independent and intuitive. In her dark side, she tends to be a lone wolf, with depressive moments and anxiety outbreaks about always being the bearer of bad luck for anyone who's next to her.
With no information of the past of her family she became prisoner in her own country when she is orphaned once again, between a civil war, political plots and the return of a legendary dragon, that was said to bring end of the world as we know.
Erik was born in the settlement of Rorikstead, a small and seemingly peaceful place, but that hides many mysteries, plots and agreements between its founder and Skyrim's powerful enemies.
He and Aslög become traveling companions when she convinces his father, Mralki, to let him be an adventurer, a dream he has always pursued. Erik is brave and has a good heart, and although he is young and inexperienced he is an excellent warrior. From the beginning he falls in love with Aslög and they approached in the most difficult moments of the journey, where he strives to win the lass' trust and heart.
Ravyn is a sellsword, a thief and a bounty hunter in search of riches, pleasures and challenges. He is a cynical and slightly convinced Dunmer, totally hedonistic and ambitious. His vices are polished gold coins, bets and high society women, especially the married ones. His nickname came from the ship where he was born, called "Dark Star". He had lost his mother at a very young age, and when he asked who his father was, all sailors claimed the "honor" for themselves, so at the same time that he had many fathers, he had none, calling himself the son of nobody, born from Ash and Spice.
Dark Star received a letter from his aunt Niluva Hlaalu, who lives in Riften. She is covered in debt and addiction to Skooma, and Ravyn saw on the trip to Skyrim an opportunity to make gold and fame in the City of Thieves.
Gogrek is a Stormcloak soldier from Dragon Bridge, and is a loyal, serious man with clear and firm purposes. He is disciplined and fierce in battle, but also very intelligent and more flexible than most of his army comrades. After a won battle, he wins the title of "Thalmor-Breaker" and makes it his life mission: hunting down Thalmor agents and learning about Aldmeri Dominion's plans for Skyrim.
However, something unusual happens and Gogrek finds himself in an internal struggle between two sides with himself, rationality and instinct, humanity and bestiality.
Inigo is a quite unusual blue Khajiit, and he becomes friends with Ravyn when he takes him out of his hiding place in Riften's prison to help him on a mission. Inigo thinks that Ravyn is his old travel friend, whom he tried to kill, and follows him as a way to compensate him for his aggressive attitude.
Born under the sign of Shadow in Black Marsh, Runs-With-Sticks was delivered as a child to the Dark Brotherhood, becoming an experienced assassin in the service of his King. However, he aged and was caught in an ambush by the King's own advisers. who wanted to end the influence of Shadowscales and take control of everything, throwing him at Cidhna Mine wounded to death. There, Runs spent long years, forgetting his own Saxhleel name and his home, but never letting himself be overcome by circumstances. He is the friend, advisor and professor to Aslög.
Teldryn is a mercenary who lives in Raven Rock, Solstheim. He had serious problems with the law thanks to the nebulous death of a former Nord patron and met Dark-Star at a very complicated time in his life. For a long time friendship and a debt of gratitude Sero agrees to accompany Ravyn on a dangerous and audacious mission, becoming part of his select group of allies.

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