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Consolidates 10 book mods and adds their over 6,000 books into the game's leveled lists and containers for your collecting pleasure.

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EDIT: I just added a LITE version that removes Legacy of the Dragonborn and Unexpected Comments as masters.

I've been working on this for some time and am forcing myself to release it now or I never will.  When the following mods are installed around 5,200 books are added to the game for a total of over 6,000 books. 
While this mod contains no assets from the following mods it requires them all:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
ESO Books - 4,277 books
Legacy of the Dragonborn - 298 books (Book Covers Skyrim books only)
LVX Magick's More Books Please - 245 Books
Books Books Books - 216 books (changes made by DBM_BBB patch are forwarded)
Unexpected Comments - 56 books (not added to leveled lists)
Yet More Books - 49 books
Magpie's Immersion Books - lore-friendly new cookbooks and poetry (ESL version!!) - 41 books
Magpie Kiddie - 15 books
Magpie the Talos Library - 11 books

Another mod to consider adding to your game:
Books of Wisdom is a cool addition that adds over 100 craftable books with a very cool system for implementing positive effects.

All credit goes to the authors of the above mods. Please visit their pages and give them some love!

A couple of mods added chests that included every book in the mod, these have been removed.
Leveled lists have been changed to include this mod's leveled lists yet have forwarded USSEP and LotD changes to maintain consistency.
After playing for a number of hours with this mod installed I've tweaked the numbers in the leveled lists.
Almost every container that included books has been modified to replace existing books with the leveled list from this mod.