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Adds books from ESO and relating to ESO to chests and bookshelves found in the Arcanaeum in the College of Winterhold.

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The Arcanaeum, which has held it's archives since the second Era, has finally unlocked part of their archive. You will find 16 bookshelves that where previously locked are now open with the complete second Era Archive available for viewing. You will also find 3 chests in the corner of the Library with some additional supplementary reading materials. All of the books, letters, and notes available in The Elder Scrolls Online up until the Markarth DLC have been added into the archive.

This mod adds the following.

*Nearly 4000 books from The Elder Scrolls Online.

*Loremaster's Archive, series of 45 volumes from the main website exploring different aspects of the lore and includes in-character user questions. I have removed references to this being a game for better immersion.

*Notable People of Tamriel, series of 56 volumes exploring the characters in the world. This is renamed from the 'Meet the Character' series from the Official site for better immersion.

*Exploring Tamriel, series of 22 volumes detailing notes found in certain zones of the world. These notes are not found in game but are found on the interactive map used to promote ESO on the official website. This map is no longer available.

*In-character Interviews, series of 7 in character interviews done by Tamriel Foundry, Imperial Library, Op-cast, and more

*Other promotional books, 20 books from the official website, event RP, twitter RP, or other promotional sources.