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Adds 40+ collectible books, letters, and notes from The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey, The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, and The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

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Yet More Books
for Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition

By TheLastBrunnenG

Inspired by Adolon’s “Books Books Books” mod. The author of that mod added missing books from Morrowind, Oblivion, and Daggerfall. But I knew there were still more Elder Scrolls books from earlier and more obscure games, so here you go.
I added 40+ collectible books, letters, and notes from: 
  • The ElderScrolls Travels: Shadowkey
  • The ElderScrolls Adventures: Redguard
  • An ElderScrolls Legend: Battlespire
  • The Elder Scrolls: Arena

 How to obtain the added books:
  • These books have all been added to leveled loot lists, so they’ll show up randomly among treasure and clutter. 
  • All of them are also available for purchase from Belethor in Whiterun. As a general goods merchant he sells a few books normally, so you’ll see his usual selection plus these additional books. These will eventually respawn if you need to re-buy them.
  • In Belethor’s store there’s a cupboard to the right of his counter, in which you’ll find all the books for free. These will not respawn once they’re taken.
  • Text for these books was copied from UESP and the Imperial Library.
  • I tried not to overlap with “Books Books Books”, so if you don't see an item addressed here (some books were found in both Redguard and Morrowind, for example), then it's probably in that mod instead. 
To Do:
  • Add missing images to any books that originally came with them.
  • Add additional text from Arena.
  • Add the Skyrim books and notes from UESP's "unobtainable items" list.
  • Place these in the game world in appropriate specific places instead of just in random loot or in Belethor's inventory.
  • No, I’m not adding the Redguard comic book for in-game reading. It’s downloadable for free from several places online.
  • No, I’m not adding the Elder Scrolls Online books. There are hundreds of them, and I just don’t have time to weed out the ones unique to ESO. But if anyone does make a mod to add them to Skyrim, let me know!
  • Download with Nexus Mod Manager and activate it from within NMM.
  •      Or
  • Drop in your Data folder and check Yet More Books in your launcher.
  • Deactivate it from within NMM.
  •      Or
  • Un-check Yet More Books in yourlauncher and delete the .ESP from your Data folder.
Optional Files:
  • The “Optional Files” download isn’t a mod at all. It’s a collection of these eBooks for offline reading, featuring the books from Shadowkey, Redguard, and Battlespire. Included are .MOBI files for Kindle readers, .EPUB files for most other readers, and .PDF files for everybody everywhere. Download it, open the ZIP file, and read using whatever app you prefer (I like Calibre).
  • None. There are no requirements besides vanilla Skyrim.
  • None known.
  • It’s possible that if you use a hi-res book cover replacer, it will affect these additional books as well. They all use vanilla Skyrim book art.
  • Anything which overwrites Belethor’s hidden merchant chest, the cupboard in his store, or the BooksClutter leveled loot list might make it harder to find these books in the game world. Try putting this mod at the bottom of your load order.
  • Bethesda, Nexus, UESP, Imperial Library, and Adolon for inspiration.
Version History:
  • 1.0. Initial version.