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About this mod

Start your game outside the Helgen Keep cave exit.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • German
  • You are still a condemned criminal and a demigod.
  • You are given some food, potions, maybe some lockpicks and torches.
  • Choose starting equipment and a spell school to be given novice spells in. (both optional)
  • Choose a standing stone's effects to be given to you to act as a birthsign. (you can always choose a standing stone as normal later)
  • Choose whether you escaped with Hadvar, Ralof or neither.

Please note
  • If you start without Hadvar/Ralof, Whiterun will still be locked down and the main quest will be waiting for you, as usual. It just won't be as signposted as in a normal game. If you're reading this you probably know how the main quest goes anyway!
  • If you've chosen a birthsign other than Warrior/Mage/Thief and follow Hadvar/Ralof towards Riverwood, they'll still expect you to pick one of the three. Either continue on to Riverwood, or wait till they get bored and continue on themselves.
  • This mod is made with the assumption you're not immediately going back into Helgen. You can go back into the keep if you want some stuff to loot, but none of the enemies you would have normally faced will be present, dead or otherwise.
  • Choosing restoration will probably only give you one more spell than usual, sorry.


  • Should work fine with most mods that make small changes to the main quest, like At Your Own Pace and Not So Fast - Main Quest.
  • None of the changes Lively Helgen makes will show up.
  • Won't break Footprints!
  • "Basic spells" is "no spells" if you're using a mod that disables starting spells.
  • You might have issues with anything that makes major changes to how the standing stone system works. This mod grants birthsigns by replicating how the standing stone script works. You can always not choose a sign if you think there might be a problem.
  • Edits forms MQ101 (Unbound), MQ101DragonAttack and ChargenFxTrigger. Don't let anything overwrite these! Don't even think about trying to use this with another alternate start mod. If in doubt, load this late.
  • Version 1.3: Now edits Hadvar and Ralof's travel scenes and a couple of lines of dialogue (Sven, Whiterun gate guard)

For Skyrim VR players
  • You should download the loose files version of this mod to avoid Skyrim VR overriding any scripts in it.
  • You will need to add bLoadVRPlayroom=0 under [VR] in your SkyrimVR.ini file (thanks to Borne90 for pointing this out).
  • As disabling the playroom apparently breaks physical sneaking, you may want to use Auto Sneak and Jump VR.