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A complete overhaul for hands with 16 additional BodySlide sliders! Compatible with any textures!

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Hands Redone is a cosmetic overhaul for hands that attempts to recreate them with more realistic proportions. If you've ever looked at your character's hands and thought they were a little too chunky then this one's for you. These new hands were adapted to the vanilla UV mapping so that all your texture mods will remain compatible and seamless.

This mod also comes with 16 new sliders for BodySlide that allow you to tweak and customise your hands to your heart's content. Is it overkill? Absolutely! Does it look cool? You bet!

This mod is the culmination of something like 3-4 years of procrastination so I hope you find some good uses for them. Feel free to upload your screenshots if you've got em, but keep it PG.

If you're looking for the LE version of this mod, it's available here.
If you're looking for an alternative that's slightly smaller in scope, check out CBBE hand mesh by khisartin/Letho0036; it's excellent!


The BodySlide files include 16 new sliders for customising your hands. A detailed list has been included in the spoiler.

Short Thumb: Shifts the thumbs back up the hand to provide a more realistic hand shape.*

Long Fingers: Lengthens the fingertips (not the entire fingers) to match the length of the vanilla and CBBE hands. Useful for pose alignment.

Smoothen: Relaxes the geometry. Useful if you're using a large mix of sliders.

Weight: A slider that adjusts thickness based on volume (i.e. not fat or muscle).

Gaunt: Pronounces the joints of each finger and thins out the hands to create a sickly look.

Masculine: Introduces traits typically associated with masculine hands.

Feminine: Introduces traits typically associated with feminine hands.

Width: Reduces the width of the hand to a more realistic proportion.*

Curve: Adds a natural curve to the palm of the hand.*

Long Nails: Lengthens the fingernails. Does not support artificial nail shapes.

Claws: Extends the fingernails into claws.

Fingernails Width & Height: Changes the size and shape of the fingernails. These may be used to tweak textures or for personal preference.

Thumbnail Width & Height: Changes the size and shape of the thumbnails. These may be used to tweak textures or for personal preference.

Nail Corners: Shifts the corners of each cuticle to create a square-like shape. This may be used to tweak textures or for personal preference.

*These sliders change the alignment of the affected area of the hand relative to the skeleton beneath it. They are safe to use and will look fine in most instances but they may behave strangely in some poses/animations.


Requires one body mod of your choice.
Currently supported mods are: Vanilla, CBBE, 3BA, BHUNP. TBD is in progress awaiting dev response.

This mod should be loaded after its body mod. Armour and clothing mods that add gloves or bracers with exposed hands will not see changes unless a BodySlide conversion is made for those mods.

Basically, all the same rules you'd apply to your clothing and armour mods also work here. Let it overwrite other mods if it needs to. Outfits with gloves may need conversions.


This mod can be installed or uninstalled at any time without issue.

  • Choose a download option based on the body you plan to use this mod with. The Vanilla option comes without BodySlide content.
  • Install the mod using the mod manager of your choice or install it manually.
  • Open BodySlide and batch build the new models as you would usually. You can take this as an opportunity to tweak the sliders if you wish. I won't include a tutorial on how to use BodySlide to do this as that's off-topic but there's plenty of tutorials around if you need them.
  • Done.

To uninstall this mod, disable it in your mod manager or delete all related files.


I've done my best to iron out as many problems as I can but I'm not the world's best 3D modeller. It is what it is, folks.

This mod was made to compromise between realism and the limitations of the player's skeleton and rig. Because of this, you will still see chunky wrists, wrists bending in bad ways, fingers with weird axes, misalignment with poses, etc., etc.; all problems relating to how the model rests over the underlying skeleton. Some of the sliders included will accentuate these areas. More info on the sliders is detailed above.

Depending on your choice of textures, fingernails may warp, typically at the corners of each nail. I've included some BodySlide sliders to help alleviate these issues if you find yourself struggling with them. Information on the sliders can be found above.

Seams along the tips of the fingers, between the fingers, and between the thumb and index finger may be present depending on the textures you use. These will show on any other hand model as well but may be more pronounced on this model.

You should not experience wrist seams at any point. I've been able to eliminate all wrist seams in my own experience and this can be seen in most of the image previews. If you do experience wrist seams, leave a comment detailing what body model and textures you're using, with an image inside a spoiler. I can't guarantee a solution for everyone as there's a LOT of variables involved regarding wrist seams but I'll help out if I can.


Will there be a Male Hands Redone?
Yes, and I've already begun working on them. I don't know when they'll be ready for release.

The fingers/thumb/wrists are bending weirdly. Is there a problem with the model?
Yes and no. Further detail can be read in the User Information section of the description.

Are these hands compatible with bodies that have physics or collision?
This mod works alongside any body that includes self-collision. There may be extra space between your character's hands and their body because these hands just aren't as chunky. Regardless, there should be no conflicts here.

Will you make a version for [Body Mod] or conversions for popular outfit mods?
No. Making BodySlide conversion sets is extremely tedious and time consuming, at least for me, and juggling multiple versions of things is always frustrating. I'll support what I think are the most popular body mods and the vanilla clothing to pair with them but that's all.

Will you do the same thing but for feet?
No. There are plenty of feet mods available of varying quality
and frankly, this was never a fetish thing for me, sorry. If you're looking for suggestions, try NecDaz or HG Feet.

Are the sliders available from inside RaceMenu?
There is currently no RaceMenu Slider support. The demand has been noted and I'll consider adding support at a later date.

What mod is that in your screenshots?
The ENB preset is Silent Horizons. The textures are listed in the Acknowledgements section below. The clothing is something I slapped together a while ago that when/if they are made available, they'll be on the Nexus.

Why is this model so high poly?
Honestly, no one was going to ask this but I feel like leaving a note on it in case someone is wondering. I originally planned on making these hands at a much lower poly count--somewhere halfway between Skyrim's and CBBE's--but I ultimately decided to make it how it is now because most players are going to want high-poly everything. Plus, this way it's not so different from CBBE.


This mod owes its existence to BodySlide and Outfit Studio so like, yeah, thanks BS/OS team.

The pretty pictures wouldn't have been possible without the textures used to show them off.
The following textures were used in the screenshots:
ALT2 by khisartin (links offsite)
The Pure by Anini and Regenbot03 and Shiva182
Tempered Skins for Females by traa108
FAR - Forgotten Argonian Roots by FafnyB

For permissions on asset use, see the Permissions and credits tab at the top of the page.