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Updated version of the Awesome Potions Simplified. New hd models by Nicoroshi, new textures.

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This mod replaces the models and textures from XxAwesome_PotionsxX SSE by Lucifonxx. It also changes the file path and naming system back to vanilla. So this beautiful simplified potions can be used with other Alchemy/Potion mods.

- All lesser and greater size bottles are indicated with dark (poison) and light (potion) twine/cork details.

- All plentiful size poisons are indicated with a skull carving with the related color jewel in the eyes.

- All plentiful size potions are indicated with Metal (Health), Leather (Stamina), Cloth (Magicka).

- All big size resistance potions indicated with the related liquid flow/glow style and related top metal reflection.

- All extreme size potions are indicated with a big jewel on top metal details.

- White phial is included with a Unique model.

- ESP file is flagged as ESL. Because the edit is very lightweight.

Installation is just like other simple mod installations. I advice you to use a mod manager.

There will be a fomod installer in the optional files section for the ZUPA Patch.

It helps you choose a single model for every kind of potion animation.

If you decide to change the models, just reinstall the mod and use other models in the installer.

Here is the list of a few recommended mods working nicely with this mod.

Zxlice's Ultimate Potion Animation - ZUPA 
Great mod to add drinking animations to your character by zxlice

All Geared Up Derivative ( AllGUD ) 
Beautiful Mod to show your gear on your character by cskriffin

Optional Patches for AllGUD - ZUPA - No Drink Animation

Patch files to make this mod work nicely with the mods above


This mod should be compatible with any other mod that does not change the textures and models of vanilla potions.

Awesome Potions Simplified - ENB Lights
An optional patch for adding ENB lights to APS

CACO - Awesome Potions Simplified (Patch)
An optional patch for the compatibility for CACO

Lucifonxx - For giving me permission to use his models and textures and of course for the inspiration

Special Thanks

Nicoroshi - For making great mods since Morrowind and making me start modding my vanilla Elderscrolls series. For the support, motivation and encouragement about modding. Has been a big brother to me. This mod would have stayed in V.1.0 with lots of mistakes if he was not there helping me.

- All the other modders those liked, commented, adviced and endorsed my mod.