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I wanted to play with my PS4 controller, but couldn't find the perfect setup, to work with TK Dodge Re, TDM, One click power attack, SKYSA and a Quick menu. Now it does and there are even 8 shortcuts.

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As I said before, I tried many things like Gamepad++ and other mods for the controller. However, there was always something missing and I couldn't use the PS button, as well as the Touch Pad and the keyboard. Having TK Dodge and ONE Click Power Attack was very important in my gameplay and I know many are looking to get them to work on the controller.

With a bit of work, I found a way to make it all work the way I wanted it to. Be sure to follow the instructions. Please note that I am not a modder, so bear with me. This is more of a tutorial than a mod, although you do have to download the mod. You can also just download it and take the Controlmap from the archive. I just edited Fiendbean17's ControlMap in his Souls Controlmap mod. His Controlmap was fine, but I wasn't happy with the buttons. Plus, it work better for the Xbox controller. The reason I used his config as a base is because it also contains a config for his other mod : Soul Quick Menu. Also, you have to install things with STEAM, which is not the case with my config. Also note that I use an AZERTY keyboard, so this mod is for AZERTY keyboards, but it can work very well with QWERTY. Let me know if you have issues with QWERTY, I'll try to help you. Or I'll realase something for QWERTY user later.

First, install all the requirements, if you want to play like me. Don't forget to delete the file named controlmap_custom.txt in your skyrim root folder.

1)Install DS4 windows and his requirement. (There is no installation. You just need to unzip and run it. But you need to install the drivers.) 
Download my profile preset for DS4 : here

Add it to the DS4 folder -> \DS4Windows\Profiles and select the profile. 

Then, in DS4 go to settings and select controler/driver setup. Install the driver 5, named Faker Imput driver

Now if you use TK DOGE RE go to \TK Dodge RE\SKSE\Plugins and edit the ini file.
Change the number of DodgeHotkey by 277. 277 is the DX Code for B/O in your gamepad. 

So it should be DodgeHotkey = 277

If you want to use another dodge, you can replace the DX code by this one. 

3)If you use One click power attack go to \One Click Power Attack\SKSE\Plugins and edit the ini file.

Copy ForceRightKey=275

275 belong to R1/RB on your gamepad. 

If you want to use the arrows with Quick Soul Menu, go to the MCM and change the button to drink Potion by "U". 
With my config this will be assignated to the right tactile pad button. Then, you can configure this mods as you wish. I will not explain how to use it go to the mod page. 

Now go to TDM MCM and select R3 for the target lock. 

6) Enjoy

It's really a home-made modification for me. But you might like it. You can modify it to your liking using DS4 and the controlmap file.

Bug I found:

-Don't use the arrows in the Menu, because the A/X key is bug. You will have to press twice to make it work. To avoid the bug, use the left joystick to navigate in the menus. It is possible to solve this problem by modifying the arrows in DS4, but I didn't want to spend shortcuts for that. You can do it.

Warning : Do not change your controls in the game settings! This will generate a file named controlmap_custom.txt in the root of your game and you will have to delete it manually, before restarting your game.

I don't use my PS4 Gamepad with bluethooth, so I don't know if it change something. Just connect by USB in that case. I don't know if it work with PS5 gamepad. 
The keyboard config should match the vanilla. There may be some changes.