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Vampire male follower:
- Textures and meshes are independent
- Several eyes and hair color variation (Default / Pale-gold+blue / Pale-gold+red / Vampire eyes)
- Not Lore-Friendly

Permissions and credits

Original mod (LE) -> here


I'm not a native English speaker. The following sentences was written by machine translation.

[Highly Recommended]
Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or Mod Organizer (MO)
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (This is almost required when you want to marry him)

Follower management mod
Face Light SE by tktk
Smaller Ice Spike and Ice Spear by Odin_ml or Deadly Ice by Flamecrafter


Vampire male follower:
- Textures and meshes are independent
- Several eyes and hair color variation (Default / Pale-gold+blue / Pale-gold+red / Vampire eyes)
- Not Lore-Friendly

Latest version is Fomod format. Please use it with NMM or MO.
You will be able to choose his hair/eyes variation on installer.
(I do not recommended manual installing unless you are familiarity to structure of mod because I have seen many cases of malfunction which seems to caused by the failure of the installation. )

- Do not post this mod the somewhere else without permission.
- Do not reupload this mod and claim them as your own.
- Do not use his face data or head mesh (including preset file) for your mods.
- Do not use this mod as resources warehouse.

Name: Azel
Race: Vampire(Imperial)
Level: 10-99, Autoleveled
CombatStyle: Spellsword
MainSkills: 1H Sword(Dual Wield), Destruction(Frost), Sneak, Light Armor
Spells: IceSpike, Crimson Cloak*1
Perks: Bladesman30, DualFlurry30, CustomFit, LightFoot, Silence, Deep Freeze, Frosty Caress*2
Protected: yes (Not Essential, Protected only)
Marriageable: yes
Voice type: MaleEvenTonedAccented
Location: Inside of the coffin at Moldering Ruins (be careful of some enemies)

*1 Unique spell. When he is not under the sun, will use this spell which similar to Night Cloak.
    If you don't want to let him activate it, please give a "Bloody tankard" to him.
    (You will be able to find two Bloody tankard at around barrels inside Moldering Ruins.)

*2 Unique perk. Get damage bonus of frost magic damage based on Destruction Skill.


This mod has simple structure. Therefore, I think that fatal glitch seldom is not occurring.
(Operability confirmed:Skyrim latest version+Unofficial Patch2.0.8+SKSE1.7.1)

If problem occurs, First of all, please try the following:
 - Please update core files of Skyrim.
 - Please check requiredments.
 - Please install Unofficial Patches.
 - Please check load order (I recommend using BOSS or LOOT).

Q. I could not find Azel. Where is he?
A. In the coffin of Moldering ruins. Two coffins are there, he is sleeping inside either coffin.

   Please try the following in turn if does not solve the problem:
   - Please reload save data.
   - Please enable azelfollower.esp correctly, and check load order.
   - If you do not solve the problem even if try the method described above, please re-install this mod.

Q. He makes crush my game :(
A. This mod has simple structure. It is quite unlikely that causing crash and fatal conflict.

Q. He hasn't dialogue for talking. / He can't be made follower.
A. His voice-type and faction suited for follower certainly.
   - Please reload save data.
   - Please confirm load order. I recommend using BOSS or LOOT.

Q. Marriage or engage with him is not working well.
A. This trouble is quite common. The reason why is that the marriage system of vanilla has many bugs. Please google it for details.
    (This mod never editing records and scripts about the marriage system so I'm sure that the cause does not lies in this mod.)

    A common way to solve:
   - You can prevent that by installing Unofficial Patches or Marriage Mod - To Have And To Hold.
     As stated previously, I highly recommend installing it in advance if you planned marriage with him.
   - Please save game before marriage or engage, and when problem occurred, redo from there.

Q. His hair texture looks weird.
A. Open Skyrim option,then try to select "high" at texture quality.

Q. I can not change his gear. / I want to change his gear.
A. Probably, He will not equip lower gear of defense than his starting gear. This is by design of vanilla.
   You can remove the initial equipment by using the "belongings management" command of AFT.

Q. I want to change his body type (or underwear).
A. Since I have no plan to add variation, please try yourself.
   It is necessary to replace the files manually.
   Azel's meshes of body: meshes \ actors \ character \ azel \.
   Azel's textures of body: textures \ actors \ character \ azel \.
   Please search for instructions.

Q. Can you make compatible with SOS or SAM? / Can you make non-independent body version?
A. No. It is not very difficult to make them using CK, so please try that yourself.
   Google probably knows how to do.
   (However, the redistribution of this mod is prohibited. Please note.)

Q. Can you share again his preset data?
A. here

Q. Can you release for Xbox/PS4?
A. No. This mod is contains some assets that nexus ONLY.


Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
Brows by Hvergelmir
Casanova Pack by MassiveMaster
Eyebrow Specularity Fix by Sooner266
Eyes Glitch Fix by bellwood2206
Eyes Shadow FIx by Elza
Faces - YoungerGeonoxFacesWithoutBeard by Geonox, Chris57, mrLenski
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy (eyes and eye reflection, mouth textures)
Kijiko Hair by Kijiko and Goldiocks
Hale - Iridum Eyes by Halendia
High Res Male Face Makeup for SKSE by Diethardt
High Resolution Scars by Xenius
Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map by fadingsignal
Pretty Face for men by tktk 
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP UNPB and SeveNBase by Zonzai and Seren4XX
SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa
Smooth Male Body - textures for Better Males - SOS Schlongs of Skyrim by urshi
Tempered Skins for Males by traa108
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
Unslaad - Pale UNP Textures by evgirunslaad
XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS by xp32
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama

I really appreciate these wonderful works!


Other my mod : here