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Thanks for all the downloads, comments and screenshots :smile:
Thanks also to all the authors with great assets!
Before you send me a PM, I hope you will read the following.
The answers you want to know may already be here.
- I don't release new character presets:
I used to publish some preset files, but there were a lot of complaints from users who thought that all they had to do was load the preset and they were all get. 
"Only a few people would do that", you might say. You might be right, but I've been hurt a lot actually. I don't want to feel like that anymore.
- I don't release new additional race mod:
This kind of mod is delicate, vulnerable to mod conflicts. Many times I have had to fundamentally solve problems in someone mod environment in order to say that "It is not a bug". This is a very painstaking work... Everyone, please use LOOT!
Don't worry, at least, I don't think will withdraw "Half Dragon Race" from the public.
- I don't port my follower and race mods to PS4/XB1:
These include a significant number of other authors' assets, which cannot be released outside of nexus mods (without them, my works would not be possible. I would like to pay my utmost respect to them). Also, I do not outsource port to anyone else. 
By the way, I already port "Bloodbond - Contract with the Vampire" to XB1 (You can find it at
- I don't add custom voices to existing my followers:
Unfortunately, I'm not a voice actor, don't have the money to hire one, and don't have the confidence to complete the task.
- I don't accept request editing or porting of others' works:
Sometimes people ask me to edit a mod to their liking just because the author allows it, but I refuse to do so for free or for a fee.