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Added: 06/02/2012 - 04:13PM
Updated: 01/12/2015 - 04:09PM

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Last updated at 16:09, 1 Dec 2015 Uploaded at 16:13, 6 Feb 2012

This mod replaces textures and meshes for human races female in skyrim.
It aim to flat and smooth face with a little realistic.

Files have been modified:


female - flat face,small lips,small nostril and light make-up. - flat face,symmetry,no wrinkles,rounded cheeks,light philtrum. - specular.


character assetstintmasks - Some files included Same as the "Light Make-up MOD". - small lips.

femalebrows - thin eyebrows.

Optional Files

- Flatter Normalmap
It is flatter face than pretty face. Female only.

- Pretty Face Eyesbrows
This files included in ECE. If you installed ECE, it is unnecessary. Female only.
texturesactorscharacterfemalebrows - thin eyebrows.

- Darker Eyebrows
It is twice darker eyebrows than above eyebrows.

- Pretty Face Mesh Fix
Modify rounded cheeks and symmetrize the around eyes. Female only.
This files included in ECE. If you installed ECE, it is unnecessary.

meshesactorscharactercharacter assets
femalehead.nif - It make symmetrize the around eyes.
FemaleHeadraces.tri - Human female face more rounded cheeks.

I'm Japanese.
My English is not good enough, I'd like to make it better than it is now.


2012.02.06 - v1.0 Release.
2012.02.08 - v1.1 Less skin pore, less specular,little more ragged normalmap.
2012.02.22 - v1.2 Less nose skin pore. eyeline added. Ears cleaned. More specular highlight around eye and lip. More naturally skin tone.
2012.03.17 - 1.3 Delete Eyelashes Replacer.More Realstic Face.Almost invisible seam on the neck with the Vanilla body.
2012.04.03 - 1.4 Fixed Normal map of the nose. Lip fix. Specular refinement. Fine-tune overall.
2012.04.18 - 1.5 Nose, lip and around-Eye fixed. eyebrows and tintmasks remaked. Tintmasks in CK bug fixed.
2012.05.06 - 1.6 Around-lip fixed. Fine-tune overall. Specular increased.
2012.07.06 - 1.7 Thick around-eyes. Normal map fixed.
2013.09.25 - v1.8 More realstic textures. Pretty face for men added. eyes files removed. Meshes fix and eyebrows files moved to option files.
2013.12.22 - v1.9 Female specular map file size reduced. Pretty face for men renewed.