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Pantheon enhances the RP of a religious character by allowing you to invoke the blessings of deities whose shrines you have visited in your travels. ESL-flagged and includes support for Pilgrim - A Religion Overhaul by Simon Magus and Tate Taylor.

Permissions and credits
  • ESL flagged, so it does not take a load order slot for SE players.
  • Full compatibility with Pilgrim - a Religion Overhaul.
  • Optional use of MCM Helper and UIExtensions to provide configuration adjustments and to enhance deity/blessing selection, respectively.
  • Interacting with a shrine will add it to a rotating list of the last 9 that you have visited, representing your characters personal pantheon of deities.
  • First interaction with a shrine will grant the lesser power "Invocation", which will allow you to access and renew any one blessing from your current pantheon when used.
  • Interacting with a shrine when your pantheon is already full will simply eject the oldest shrine from the list to make room.

Deity/Blessing Selection:
If you have visited only one shrine, there is no need for any selection. Just use Invocation to begin praying to your god, and when you decide to move and stand back up you will receive the blessing immediately.

Once you have visited more than one shrine, Invocation will provide a glowing spot in front of you while active. Activating it will allow you to change to a different shrine blessing than the most recent received. Deity selection will vary depending on whether or not UIExtensions is installed.
  • With UIExtensions and its dependencies, a list menu will be presented to you to directly select the blessing/deity you want.
  • Without, each time you activate the deity selection, it will instead cycle one "step" through your pantheon, giving a notification of what is currently selected.

In either case, the blessing you have chosen will be applied when you stand back up, same as with single blessing behavior.

If MCM Helper by Parapet's and all of its dependencies are installed, then an MCM menu (and corresponding .ini file) is provided to adjust settings for Pantheon.

In this menu you can:
  • Change the maximum number of shrines that Pantheon keeps track of, up to a hard limit of 20.
  • Forcibly disable UIExtension support, if you prefer the "cycling" behavior.
  • If Pilgrim is installed, there are additional options available to hide the "Prayer" power (since Invocation is a complete functional replacement) or sync Pantheons most recent invoked deity with Pilgrims Prayer system, in case any need for that power specifically arises.

Pantheon is compatible by default with any mod that adds new shrines and blessings using the vanilla script(s), provided that they do not also modify those scripts in any way. Special notes for specific mods will be tracked below
  • Pilgrim by Simon Magus and Tate Taylor (link): Fully compatible, supported and highly recommended. Load Pantheon after Pilgrim.
  • Wintersun by EnaiSiaion (link): No special compatibility, but no particular breaking issues either. Pantheon will provide shrine blessings, complete with deity change offers as per Wintersuns normal behavior. Notably, worshiping a deity through Wintersun without triggering their shrine (such as a book or quest based temptation) will NOT add their blessing to Pantheons systems. I may look into minor compatibility improvements here at some point such as optionally suppressing follow request, having Wintersun specific temptations also add to your pantheon etc. But I do not expect to make massive changes for integration here.
  • Religion by IronDusk33 (link): Incompatible, and no plans to support.

Special thanks:
Simon Magus and Tate Taylor for making Pilgrim - A Religion Overhaul, which directly inspired me to make this mod.
Parapets for making MCM Helper which made it feasible to support convenient configurations for a mod as small as this.