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  1. azzendix
    • supporter
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    Version 1.3:
    - Fixed: Correct file path for Mod Organizer user.
    - Uploaded: Optional file for Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library.

    1. Is it compatible with sorting mod?
    - No.

    2. I just want only weightless book bro. WTF IS THIS!?
    - You've come to the right place! You can choose only book category or whatever you want from a custom option in the installer.

    3. What is the difference between this mod and others?
    - included fix from USSEP
    - You can choose what you want instead of making all items weightless.

    4. Weightless item? Are you serious? THIS IS NOT IMMERSIVE.
    - Check this mod. Weight Overhaul
  2. MalichusBain
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    Hey, man, I loved your mod, it worked with 100% of everything I wanted it to work on, and I didn't notice any problems, however, I want to get back to some of the RPG elements of my gameplay, and I want to play with weight re-enabled, but I can't figure out how to do so. Please tell me if I'm missing something obvious, but seriously, thanks for creating this mod, it was super enjoyable while I wanted to play that way.
  3. Mihn
    • member
    • 18 posts
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    I cant get this to work with CACO. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. SirTwist
    • premium
    • 644 posts
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    Good mod, but I am getting a potential problem. My food seems to not be factored in. I have a lot of food, and my weight always goes up after I get into the game. To test things, I am going to make a new profile in my mod manager, and playing a new play through.
  5. phatbassanchor
    • premium
    • 454 posts
    • 14 kudos
    I endorsed this mod immediately after testing but have yet to visit posts. My humble apologies for not saying this sooner...
    5 smiley seal of 100% approval!!!!! I endorse and highly recommend this mod!!!
    It took multiple mods when I played SLE to get the same results that this one mod provides in SSE. Having so many weightless items removes so much time wasted just travelling to and from my player homes just to drop off more loot. This mod is required in my game. I don't think I could or would play without now. I have found that the game still limits my capacity to carry items somewhat. Once I get too many thousands of items in inventory I experience lag or delay in the looting and trading menus. I say this with a smile because this is due in large part to some of the crafting cheat chests that I use giving me literally thousands of ingots, ores, soul gems, precious gems, ingredients and other items on a regular basis. The game just can't keep up when I'm carrying several hundred thousand items in combined inventory of those weightless items. So, I usually drop off most of what I collect from those mods either at my central house or stash them in one of the containers inside the Staff of Shalidor. If you like this mod you may well like the staff too. For any not familiar with the Staff of Shalidor, it's an 8 pound player home with crafting amenities on a stick! It's also a powerful shock weapon that greatly compliments the Staff of Magnus. I find the staff compliments Weightless Overhaul quite nicely, especially for hoarders like me!
  6. Bagheaddd
    • member
    • 92 posts
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    why doesnt it work i dont get it it will just not work for some reason
    1. DragonSquirrel
      • member
      • 16 posts
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      Have you tried turning off and on again?
    2. terjesin
      • premium
      • 2 posts
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      Place absolutely last on plugin load order
  7. cha010
    • supporter
    • 2 posts
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    I'm wondering why you revert all fix from USSEP, although you said it was compatible with USSEP.
    1. SF117
      • supporter
      • 334 posts
      • 6 kudos
      He was talking about other mods reverting the fixes, not this one.

      "Most weightless mods use records from Vanilla Skyrim(Skyrim.esm and DLC). It will revert all fix from USSEP."
    2. cha010
      • supporter
      • 2 posts
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      Oh, I see. but through SSEEdit, this mod revert all fix form USEEP either
  8. AlexInGam3s
    • supporter
    • 12 posts
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    PSA for anyone using skyre, potions get messed up with this mod, the overtime effect corrupts.
  9. sophiextime
    • member
    • 313 posts
    • 10 kudos

    I came across a little issue and not sure if you can help. i installed this mod and tried it out. it seems to work well. However i did find all the book covers went back to default. Now i know you have a patch for the Book covers mod but i dont have the book covers mod installed directly. In my game its already built into the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod. So i am thinking that your mod isnt realising that the LOTD mod actually replaces the covers and so sets them to default?

    Is there a way to fix this? How can i get your mod to detect my legacy of the dragonborn mod and therefore not touch the book cover textures?
  10. Vashra1
    • member
    • 134 posts
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    Dunno if you're still doing anything to this mod, but you missed Horker Stew.
    1. Ianana
      • premium
      • 304 posts
      • 7 kudos
      Horker Stew in my game is 0 weight.
  11. krush89
    • supporter
    • 4 posts
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    Finally I found a weightless mod which is compatible with my mod list! thanks man!