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Reduces the weights of various items.

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WeightLess (SSE Edition)

I made this mod for myself a while ago, it is my personal flavor of weights for misc items and ingredients (including DLC) as well as options for reducing these to 0 weight. I have included a modular fomod installer. It now also includes a patching script for all modded items.

The script is recommended over the FOMOD.

  • A configurable xedit script that can patch any mod added items.
  • Configurable multipliers in the script to adjust weights to your desire. Set multiplier to 1 to avoid changes.
  • The Older FOMOD version that still applies to vanilla items with all their respective options.
  • Uses VendorItem keywords
Weight setting multipliers:

  • weightModArmor: All armor and clothes
  • weightModTool: All woodcutter's axes and pickaxes
  • weightModWeapon: All weapons

  • weightModPotions: All potions and poisons
  • weightModFood: All food items NOT ingredients (i.e. salt)

  • weightModBook: All books, journals, and notes

  • weightModIngredients: All alchemical ingredients

  • weightModOreIngot: All ores and ingots
  • weightModAnimalPart: Misc items that are animal parts (i.e. troll skulls)
  • weightModAnimalHide:  All animal hides and pelts
  • weightModClutter: Most clutter items (i.e. Silverware)
  • weightModMisc: All other misc items that do not apply to the above

  • weightModScroll: All scrolls
  • weightModSoulgem: All soulgems

Script Requires MXPF Framework found here.

Drop the script into your xedit "Edit Scripts" folder then run it after your load order is complete or if you add new mods with items.

None, just run it after you finish adding mods.
Fomod will conflict with anything that changes these items (naming, value, etc.).

Alternatives (to FOMOD):
Weighted by JCSM (This guy makes patches)
Weightless Overhaul by azzendix
Weight Overhaul by azzendix

  • More granular control over items (separate light/heavy/clothes, weight by material type)
  • Setting of flat values over multipliers

Feel free to change it or use it for whatever you want as per the permissions.