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A simple, fully configurable mod designed to alleviate annoyances with the character weight limit system by removing the weight from less significant items (e.g. food, potions, books) instead of simply raising the Dragonborn's carrying capacity. Also designed for maximum compatibility - a problem I ran into when trying to use similar mods.

Permissions and credits
I hate how the weight system works in vanilla Skyrim. Always have, probably always will. But I also don't like "demoralizing the spirit of the game" (i.e. "cheating" but you can't really cheat in a single player game ... can you?) and using console commands / mods to just increase the Dragonborn's carry weight seems like that to me. So instead, I decided to make all "insignificant" items (e.g. not weapons or armor) weightless; hence this mod.

But There's Already a Bunch of These Types of Mods Out There:
Yes, there are. But none of them do all of what I want. For example, many of them only reduce the weight of specific items but not others (e.g. reduce the weight of ingots but not Solid Dwemer Metal), only reduce one category of items (e.g. only books), only partially reduce the weight instead of fully, and the biggest issue, CONFLICTS. I have run into so many conflicts using these types of mods. The issue usually is that there's a very small conflict that isn't that noticeable unless you look for it (e.g. removing certain pickup noises added by Immersive Sounds), so instead of patching a bunch of other people's mods, I decided to  create my own, and patch that.

-Fully customizable (only get what changes you want)
-Scripted installer for easy installation
-Patches for many(?) popular mods
-Scripted installer will automatically detect installed mods and suggest patches if available
-Add or remove from any save game at any point in time with no negative reprecussions

Most mods should should work straight out of the box! Won't conflict with mods that replace vanilla textures, but may conflict with mods that change the base element values of vanilla items. A list of patches available for known incompatibilities is listed below.

Current Patches:
(Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch required to use patches)
(I'll be updating these relatively often!)

Compatibility Patches:
(These patches are needed if you want these mods to work together with Weighted properly!)
-Valdacil's Item Sorting
-Another Sorting Mod 2018-SSE
-Immersive Sounds - Compendium
-Book Covers Skyrim
-Cutting Room Floor
-Skyrim Alchemy Fixed

Optional Patches:
(These patches are optional - these mods will work with Weighted without the patches, but the items added by these mods will still have weight without these patches.)
-Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library
-Immersive Armors
-Moonpath to Elsweyr
-The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
-Relics of Hyrule
-Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

(Requires Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch)
No longer requires USSEP! (USSEP still required for patch support)
Simply download and hit install with either MO or NMM! (automated script will take care of everything).

Or, you could install manually if you really wanted to. To do that , just drag and drop the plugins you want into your "Data" folder.

Note about load order: Make sure to load patches *after* the mods they are supposed to patch!

Note on Frequent Updates:
Due to the nature of this mod and the way it is packaged, updates will be released very frequently, however for the most part these updates will only include new patches, and as a result you don't really need to download every new update unless you need one of the patches located in said update. With regards to applying new updates, you should be fine with just installing any new updates over top of old ones (hit "override" when asked!) unless otherwise specified in the update's file description, although it's good practice to always uninstall older version of mods before you install updated versions.

Questions That Nobody Asked But I'll Still Answer Anyways:

Q: Will you create a patch for X mod?
A: Yes! (probably) As the name implies, compatibility is one of the main goals of this mod. While most mods will work without conflict, if you do happen to find a conflicting mod that doesn't already have a patch, feel free to let me and know and I'll (usually) be happy to create a patch!

Q: Why does this mod require USSEP?

A: Short Answer: plugin efficiency.
     Long Answer: Due to Form ID limitations (the game engine assigns each mod an ID number that is only 2 hexadecimal digits - which have a maximum value of 256!), only 255 plugins (not mods! - not all mods use plugins) can be loaded into a game at a time. Making a vanilla version of this mod would require a patch to be made for USSEP compatibility, which would add another plugin to the user's load order. Since most people who use mods use USSEP anyway, It is easiest to just make the mod compatible with USSEP from the start, thereby eliminating the need for a patch (and another plugin!).
A: It doesn't! (anymore)

Q: WHAT!? The file size is huge!!!!!
A: Yes, it is. This is because in the spirit of maximum ease of use, ever single possible patch / version of the mod is included in the same installer. The final size of the installed plugins will be nowhere near as large as the whole package.

Tools Used:
-Creation Kit