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Adds a few trees in Whiterun to green things up a bit. Simple, well-placed pines, navmesh reworked, cleaned in xEdit.

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This mod does what it says and only that. It adds a few trees to Whiterun. The trees are pines, small- to medium-sized. I think I added about 30 or so. I placed them organically, and sensibly (I think!).

The navmesh has been adjusted so NPCs are not mindlessly smashing into them!

The .esp has been cleaned with xEdit.

I made this mod because I wanted just the right type of look for Whiterun town. Not a lot of trees, just enough to make the town look less dried out and devoid of vegetation, as is the vanilla town.

There are other great landscape mods for Whiterun that add trees, but they either add different types of trees (whereas I wanted something 'indigenous' to Whiterun Hold, hence the pines), or they add a lot of very large, very tall trees, which is really great too, but it bothered me that the tree LODs could never be right unless you played with Open Cities. With my mod, the trees are smaller (with a few exceptions), so a tree LOD for seeing the interior trees from afar isn't really necessary, as the trees are behind the walls (although I suppose coming down from Riverwood, you can still see in, so I may toy around with a separate LOD later on, if I can manage it).

What else...that's about it. A very light plug-in all in all.


JK's Whiterun: It might be compatible, but I don't use that mod, so I don't know. If a tree clips, you could disable it via console.
Open Cities: Nope
Not compatible with any other mod that adds trees to Whiterun.
Compatible with flora overhauls.
Compatible with SBT, although with the trees being bigger, it might get a bit crowded with foliage. And again, my point with having smaller, fewer trees than other mods was to circumvent the issue with tree LODs, so it's up to you if you want to use both.

Can be uninstalled at any time without risk of corrupting save.

Let me know of any issues/suggestions in the posts!