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This mod adds the ENB particle lights effect to the light orbs or "motes" you find in some quests/dungeons. No .esp required :)

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Clarification: Vanilla game has these light orbs (for those who haven’t play enough to find them) I didn’t add the orbs themselves; I just added ENB Particle Lights to them.

I visited "Yngol Barrow" the other day and when I started walking inside, I was like: "WHAAAT?!!... NOT IMMERSIVE... MY EYES! HALP!" lol
So, I made this (check the images :3).
You can go there normally to check this mod or (for faster checking) use the console command:

coc yngolbarrowexterior

...then go in the dungeon (do not use coc yngolbarrow01 because the orbs won't work properly that way... at least for me they were all static).

If you already completed that quest/dungeon, I'm sorry but you didn't experienced it the immersive way... xD just kidding!! But... well... that's a shame.
If somebody knows about other places that have these light orbs please let me know!! (I mean... to inform people about their possibilities for checking the mod).

UPDATE: as someone mentioned, these things are also in Soul Cairn! :O


1) Install manually or using any mod manager.
2) Be sure that you have these settings in enbseries.ini file:


An ENB preset to enable the particle lights effect.

-Friendly Wisp Orbs with this mod you can finally enjoy these little things more often! :)


-Compatible with "Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB" (it has the same fixes; so... overwrite with this mod).


Rudy102 for creating and giving permission to use some of his assets here on nexus :)



Particle Lights for ENB - Shellbug

Particle Lights for ENB - Luminous Ground Cover

Particle Lights for ENB - Ebonmere

Particle Lights for ENB - Ice Torches

Particle Lights for ENB - Falmer Things

Particle Lights for ENB - Riekling Outposts

Particle Lights for ENB - Spectral Warhound Eyes

Particle Lights for ENB - Fire Traps

Particle Lights for ENB - Falmer Drips

Particle Lights for ENB - Standing Stones

Particle Lights for ENB - Dwarven Spiders

Particle Lights for ENB - Moon Crests

Particle Lights for ENB - Stalhrim Deposits and Ore

Particle Lights for ENB - Staff Enchanter

Particle Lights for ENB - Wisps - Witchlight

Particle Lights for ENB - Nordic Ruins Candles

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