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Papyrus script compilation easier

Permissions and credits
  • Papyrus Compiler installed (default is "GameFolder/Papyrus Compiler/PapyrusCompiler.exe" (customizable in preferences)

  • Fast compilation by drag n drop scripts
  • Create groups of scripts to quickly compile those scripts.
  • MO2 Integration (no need to start the app outside of MO2)
  • Access compilation logs in details


  • Download the 7z file
  • Extract to any desired location

  • Download the installer file
  • Start installer
  • Choose where to install the application
  • Start "PCA SE.exe"
  • Go to "settings" section
  • Specify your game folder
  • Specify your PapyrusCompiler.exe path
  • Go to compilation page
  • Drop any .psc file in it (App must not be started as admin, this is a Windows limitation)
  • Hit the button "start" and you're good to go!

Future features
  • Support MO2 folders load order (left column order)
  • Dynamic UAC (admin request) if needed

  • Advanced Papyrus (you'll not see compilation logs)

- is an invalid game folder. The folder does not contains SkyrimSE.exe
  The specified game folder does not have SkyrimSE.exe
- is a invalid compiler. This file does not exists
  The specified compiler path does not exist. Check that you have downloaded PapyrusCompiler and the path is correct
- Creation Kit error
  Your configuration is incorrect. Cannot validate Creation Kit installation. The app checks the presence of Actor.psc to validate your Creation Kit installation. Cannot find the file Actor.psc in Source\\Scripts or Scripts\\Source. If you're using the app MO2 integration, the folders overwrite and mods are also checked.
- MO2 error
  Your configuration is incorrect. The mo2 instance does not exist. Check the specified mo2 instance folder in settings
- Command line is too long
  You are using PCA with MO2 integration and you have a lot of mods.
  When compiling files, PCA uses the official papyrus compiler, which can be called via the command line. Each mod uses certain spaces in the command line, and when it reaches a certain number, Windows blocks execution of the command.
The app use a json file to remember settings

output : folder where your compiled scripts go
gameType : game currently in use
gamePath : folder where your game is located
flag : internally use for the compiler, do not edit
compilerPath : path to find the PapyrusCompiler.exe
groups : your groups are saved here


instance : folder of your mo2 instance
mods : folder relative to instance to find all your mods (usally "mods")
output : folder where your compiled scripts go relative to instance
use : are you using mo2?


My Github : Kiyozz
Project : PCA
  • Specify your game folder
  • Specify your PapyrusCompiler.exe path

  • Specify your game folder
  • Specify your PapyrusCompiler.exe path
  • Specify your game folder
  • Specify your PapyrusCompiler.exe path