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This mod adds very many animals* in many places through Skyrim (farms especially, windmills, lakes**, towns, villages ...)

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This mod adds very many animals* in many places through Skyrim (farms especially, windmills, lakes**, towns, villages ...)

*54 different animals (Boars, Chickens, Swan, Roosters, Chicks, Male and Female mallards, Ducklings, Geese, Cows, Goats, Sheeps, Ram, Pigs, Piglets, Young Wild Boar, Rabbits, Pigeons, Seagulls, Pheasants and Peacocks)

**Lake LLinalta (near Riverwood) - Lake Geir (near Ivarstead) - Lake Honrich (near Riften)

New sounds (boars, peacock with tail, swan, chickens, rabbits, pheasants, ram, cows, sheeps, goats, pigs, goose, pigeon, chick, duckling, male and female mallards, rooster, seagull)

For the « Pack Goat » you have 4 companions with the Dialog Box: Follow - Wait - Favor - Trade - Dismiss (in Half Moon Mill, Karthwasten, Salvius Farm and near the Whiterun Stables) + 3 « wild » !

You can also place all these animals in the place you want thanks to my mod: Repopulate Skyrim with Farm Animals and Birds SE

You can only have one follower at a time: if you want a different one, you need to dismiss the first one before you recruit them.

If you have any problem with the dialog box, or if telling the follower to return at home doesn't dismiss him, or if you have lost the active follower, you can try this:

Type “²” or "`" or "~" key to get into console, and type:

set playeranimalcount to 0

With Amazing Follower Tweaks , or other mod with followers, if problem to dismiss the followers, you can uncheck this mod (AFT or other) when you launch the game

If problem with the Dialog Box of the followers/ companions (Wait - Follow - Trade - Favor - Dismiss) you can also enter / exit a house or make a fast travel


The textures of Goats , Cows and Chickens are from Bellyache; Mod Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack ("Asset use permission": "You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me").

Macadamstreet for the meshes and textures of the pig and the goose in his mod Goosy goosa !

Jc1 for the model of the Goose

dogtown1 to convert the model of the Goose in skyrim, and for the model of the Pig

The meshes and textures of the Sheeps are from stormshallow in his mod Sheep Modders Resource

Umar Muzammil UMAR6419 for the model of the sheep in this site The free 3D Models ("You are free to use these models in generating games, animations, multimedia, printed graphics, web graphics and others" and "you are free to distribute and modify the file as long as you attribute it's author(s)")

cansu for the new texture of the Sheep in his mod stormshallows sheep mod retextured

testiger2 for the Mesh of the “Pack mule” for the goat in his mod TesTiger's Mesh Resources

KANRAx2 with his Mod: yurufuwa rabbit ("Modders resources and tutorials") for the meshes and the textures of the rabbits, and the mod Kanra Follower + kanrafollower_addon ; Blog of Kanra/Sala mitzha

LorSakyamuni for the models of a few animals in his mod The Witcher 3 Monsters and Animals Resource Pack (“You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me”,“Pack containing a lot of monsters and animals included in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. All the original assets belong to CD PROJEKT RED and are distributed with their permission. Feel free to use them, just remember to credit me.”). Some animals are rigged by SpikeDragonLord and jboyd4 in the mod Beasts of Tamriel

Mihail Romanov for some birds (Chick, Duckling, Mallards, Rooster, Pheasants) in Pheasants Ducks and Chickens- Elements of Skyrim pt.13 (mihail immersive add-ons- animal- birds) , for the Pigeon in Pigeons- Elements of Skyrim pt.12 (mihail immersive add-ons- birds), for the Seagull in Seagulls -Elements of Skyrim pt.10 (mihail immersive add-ons- birds) , for the Boars in Boars and Daggerbacks- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons- oblivion- eso) , and for the Peacocks in Peacocks- Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail immersive add-ons- animals- birds) ("Feel free to use my mod in your projects, no need to ask me for permission first")

Peacock model Repair (SSE only) by zenlyking and chinese forum

Kaizit and Tamira in Ducks and Swans Resource

Free sounds : universal-soundbank - Sound Fishing - lasonotheque - soundbible - freesfx - xeno-canto - The Internet IBC Bird Collection

Presentation of this mod by Gone Turbo : (XB1 version)