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zzjay's Wardrobe for SSE has finally arrived! The SSE Version 1.1 now contains Alternative Pirate Shirt colours, and No Scarf option for Plate Pauldrons! There is also new optional file's to de-saturated the newly added Pirate Shirt's should you find them too saturated!

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • German
~ zzjay's wardrobe ~
with permission from zzjay I have ported over the beautiful set from oldrim!

Please post your photo's - I cant wait to see people enjoying zzjay's wardrobe!

Includes 4 sets of FEMALE ARMORS, in different colours, and armor type. (mostly light 1 heavy)

There are also equippable parts, that can be exchanged for further customization of your outfit. There parts CANNOT be ugraded, to keep a stable value for the armor.
Everything is craftable
Only torsos, pauldrons, boots and hands will be up-gradable.

The mod is meant for UNP
  • This has not been tested to work on sevenbase, unpb, unpc for Skyrim SE etc.

~ TRANSLATION VERSIONS ~ If you wish to translate to another language you are free to translate and upload to nexus only. Please notify myself as I will update this page with your translation!



Craftable under hide, and steel (for plate armor)
you can also get the items by spawning a cheat chest, called huntresszzjay (I have not yet tested this to see if it is working in SE)


Use NMM or manual.

  • If you installed the Oldrim version, simply say yes to the overwrite!

Installing the Update FIle (NMM)

  • Uninstall with NMM
  • Install Update Version with NMM - V1.1 File Directories have not changed this should not cause issues with existing saves.

Installing the Update Manually

  • Click YES to Overwrite existing files!
if you use Scarletdawn armor, it'll replace some files from them, overwrite or not, files are just the same (for reflections)

NOTE: There may be errors, I am new to modding. zzjay's Wardrobe .nif's were optimized with the SSE .nif Optimizer by ousnius


File now includes 4 new Pirate Shirts in Alternative colour!

~ Pirate Shirt - Alternative Colours ~


Original Upload
I have made some changes to zzjay's wardrobe!
  • Light / Heavy - Plate Cuirass have been touched up, slightly modified colours!
  • Light / Heavy - Plate Pauldrons - No Scarf option!
  • 4 New Pirate Shirts - Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, and Sapphire!
  • Updated the original Pirate Shirt "Sash" to Brown

~ Plate Armor ~

~ Pirate Armor ~


~ Credits and Thanks~
zzjay - ZZJAYS WARDROBE (Oldrim
ousnius - SSE Nif Optimizer
naycom - German Translation

Original Credits:

CD Projekt's for allowing us to use meshes and textures from the witcher 2.

bethesda for HD texture pack.

thanks to:
kinguggi,Elaneith,grace darkling
for pictures