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fairkauri - OnHolyServiceBound - HighOnez - Holaholacocacola

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gives playable races unique skeleton meshes and custom racial height modifiers.

Permissions and credits
do not ask the XPMSSE folks for help. also read the install notes.

Wait, isn't this mod just a reverse-engineered Racial Body Morphs and you're actually a dirty, thieving, evil mod pirate?

The main differences are:
  • Rebuilt from scratch using XPMSSE v4.80, which hopefully means that it just works™ with all the latest body & physics mods
  • Comprehensive documentation for mod makers (see included .xlsx files)
  • Racial types share the same base skeleton, which maybe makes it more compatible out-of-the box with Nemesis
    • beast races were modified using an edited skeletonBeast.nif
    • non-beast races were modified using an edited skeleton.nif
  • The collision bug that breaks FUS RO DAH and other knockdown attacks has been fixed (don't parent NPC COM [COM])
  • IMO, skeleton edits are more consistent
    • skeletons are now symmetrical
    • Altmer men are now taller than Altmer women
    • removed edits to female Khajiit and Argonian finger bones
  • Dawnguard & USSEP records are forwarded, eliminating the vampire facial bugs
  • Racial heights are now based off of Morrowind's lore
  • Racial names have been changed for maximum I M M E R S I O N

  • Install via MO2. I don't use Vortex or NMM, so I won't be able to help with those.
  • I would very-strongly recommend FHSFE and FPCHF, but I guess they're technically optional.

  • Will you please make a patch for [insert mod name]?
    • Probably, unless it involves skeleton edits. Then no. Do it yourself.

Special thanks to:
  • Trainwiz, for the super-useful tutorial
  • Rogueshot, for being wonderful and for responding to my messages
  • Sattyre, for beta-testing
  • OHSB, for Racial Body Morphs
  • Groovtama et al, for XPMSSE and for helping me fix issues regarding Deadly Mutilation
  • HighOnez, for being a cool cat™ and porting to LE
  • Holaholacocacola, for the Synthesis patcher

My deepest apologies to:
  • Groovtama et al, for having the races use custom skeleton paths. Seriously, I can't stress this enough - do NOT ask for help on the XPMSSE page.

well this is kinda cool. thanks everyone