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Inter arma enim silent lēgēs. In times of war the law falls silent! The wicked, the warrior, the peasant, the innocent, a rope does not distinguish the difference!

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                         Inter arma enim silent lēgēs - In times of war the law falls silent!
The wicked, the warrior, the peasant, the innocent, a rope offers death to all without prejudice!  

A simple mod which places the dead from all the on going conflicts around the major cities and towns in what I hope is non intrusive locations to other mods. Imperial, Stormcloak, Forsworn, Orc, Farmer, Elves can be found swinging in the wind!

The positioning of the hung are carefully chosen and your follower's will not bounce off them as all added units have been placed in areas of navmesh which surround an object like a rock and is not sitting on top of any navmesh.
The scripts have been improved 10 fold by Jebbalon who got them working, all credit to him, however they are still not perfect and you will find the odd effect in game that might put a smile on your face. If you save and load a cell they may fall to the ground but beyond that the mod is good fun I think and adds to the over all Skyrim experience.  

The imperial and Stormcloak dead disable's at the end of the civil war. You will need to hit the triggers in the respective area for that to happen. Those triggers are all close to the dead.

This mod is a standalone for non TPOS 2 players. The next updated TPOS 2 Version will see this mod added to the TPOS 2 V10 Installer. A few days I think. I have a few more tings to sort before I update TPOS 2 V10.

So, I hope you enjoy the mod and Good Gaming Folks!

Please feel free to translate this mod into any language.