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This is a project that took away last 9months of my life and after so much work i can finally release it for all users. The Scandinavian Forests is a project that will add over 6000 new trees models in Skyrim in addiction of replacing vanilla trees with new models of trees with high quality and unique branches, foliages and trunks

Permissions and credits
The Scandinavian Forests is a project that aim to change the trees models of Skyrim adding more quality and a realistic look.
In addiction it will add also other trees that are part of the flora in the Scandinavian region or nordic european countries, but i am sure some of these trees are present in other part of the world.
The big part of these models have been recreated from zero using 3Dprograms other trees are part of other mods ( with permissions from authors ) and integrated in one unique mod to add more variety.
Over 6500 Trees on ground with unique and high quality branches,foliages and trunks.

Change log 30/01/2022

Small Update to version 1.1 

This is a small update, i've been listening of many of you about some trees leaves a bit too strong, my mistake in the release version was that i didn't test it with a not saturated ENB and not vivid as the one i have been using, this unfortunatly led me to think that colors were popping cause of the ENB in use and not cause of the textures.
Anyway Version 1.1 from Sorin  and the small update i added today should fix  this problem!
i have added also new screenshots to show the new colors and correction with lighter but not oversaturated ENB

New trees Added

- Scotpines
- Alders
- Birches
- Maples
- Oaks
- Willows
- Aspens
- Junipers

Devil is in details every leaves,branch and trunk corrispond to the tree in real world

Link your Screenshots!!!

The Scandinavian Forests comes in 3 different flavours 

- Replacer

This version will simply replace all vanilla trees

- Complete Version 

This version will add the replace to vanilla trees and will add all new trees

- Complete with HLT ( happy little trees ) support

This version will add all new trees in support with the mod HLT ( you find installation rule in description under )


- Complete and Replace version 

just  download and install with your favorite Manager

- Complete with HLT

download and install Happy Little Trees first

download and install The Scandinavian Forests Complete with HLT

disable Happy Little Trees ESP or ESL ( this will free one spot in you load order eventually, ScandinavianForests.esp will do everything )

Of course the more trees you add the more will hit the performance on your game depending also on how heavy is your load order


the mod is compatible with any other tree mods that add  vanilla trees.
If you want more big and dense forests i suggest to download Dense Nordic Forests that add more than 8000 vanilla trees on field (this will work with all versions ) 
if you want more pines forest i suggest Alpine forest of Whiterun valley ( this will work with replacer perfectly and dense nordic forest, it will work with complete versions with some trees colliding )

Immersive falle trees is recommended and suggested


all Grass mods are compatible

Not Compatible:

Any tree mods that change vanilla trees or add new trees in different areas ( this will require eventually patches and test that i am not willing to do )

FUTURE UPDATES and PLANS (after taking a pause eventually)

- correct minus mistakes 
- Esp to Esl
- add few trees left behind ( magic trees  4 example)
- add complete and accurate billboards ( help is needed cause i get error when spliting atlas and i can't go over it)
- add movement to some trees
- add trees in town
- add new models 

Known issues:

This mod adds trees all over Skyrim and every tree has been "planted" hand by hand, day by day in a vanilla game ( with few aesthetic mods ), it is very possible that if you have a massive load order some trees will collide with other mods that add extra  buildings, at the moment the mod is fully compatible with "the ruins" and 95% compatible with " the people of skyrim2 ".

If some buildings or trees collide and you want to correct it, the easy way  in game is to use the command console MarkForDelete

I will not provide any patch to make some mods compatible. 
You can find or ask for a patch here Unofficial The Scandinavian Forest Patches
Patch for KN Cutting Trees can be found HERE

I am not responsible of trees that collides if you use other tree mods that adds vanilla trees around skyrim ( for example Dense Nordic Forest have very minimal trees colliding )

Some trees are not perfectly on ground ( that is possible ) please let me know area and position to check 

Lod is not perfect, while i provide part of billboards i really had hard time creating it, for some reason i still getting error with xedit everytime i trying to split atlas ( so i can't create the TxT files to add to images ) so any help will be accepted ( even if  you can just create the atlas  and then give me the txt files )

T4gtr34um3r for permission to use assets from HLT
Somerandomguy83 for permission to use assets from EVT
Thesithlord for permission to use assets from Branches Redone
Elinen,Ztree, Vurt, SparrowPrince and Ga-Knomboe Boy For free modders resources
Cecell for Unofficial Patches to my mod

A very special thank to Blubbode for support, great help and guide me to creation of trees cause without you this would never happened.
Nina28209 to guide and help me understand the Nifskope functionality and time spent show me how to create movement.
Special Mention to SorinAlin24  for his retextures on update1.1.