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“By night one way, by day another.” The Curse changes your body through the day cycle.

Permissions and credits
WARNING: ‘skee preset-load’ is often unable to restore the head correctly and meshes and textures are wrong and they get really awful at times. If sex and race are not changed, the problem gets minimized. One workaround is to run showracemenu once or twice to reapply sex, race, and preset by hand. Maybe another is to save, exit and reload. USE AT YOUR OWN... TEDIOUSNESS.

"Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess. But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort, which could only be broken by love's first kiss. She was locked away in a castle, guarded by a terrible fire-breathing dragon. [...] She waited in the dragon's keep, in the highest room of the tallest tower, for her true love and true love's first kiss."

"By night one way, by day another. This shall be the norm, until you find true love's first kiss, and then take love's true form."

The player character has one true physical form and one or more cursed ones. At dusk there is a chance they turn into one of the Cursed Forms, and at dawn there is a chance they recover the True Form. Every one of these forms has sex, race, and other parameters, and all these settings are changed every time the character turns.

A female nord could turn into a female orc (or ogre, ha!) and back i.e. Personally I prefer the True Form to be male and the cursed ones to be weaker females of different races, i.e.

The change is merely cosmetic and relies on other mods to make sexes and races differ in gameplay. I can recommend these:

Turnings are delayed until:
1. The character is out of combat.
2. With OStim:
    The character is not in animation.
3. With SexLab:
    The character is not in animation.

Turnings can exclude some forms:
1. By locking manually a sex, the character will not turn into the opposite sex.

Turnings follow these actions in order:
1. A notification is shown:
    “I feel the Curse is perverting my body...”
    “I feel the Curse is restoring my body...”
2. A few seconds are given as a delay.
3. Some items are unequipped:
    The four main slots: head, body, hands, and feet.
    The standard keywords: ArmorLight, ArmorHeavy, ArmorBoots, ArmorCuirass, ArmorGauntlets, ArmorHelmet, ClothingHead, ClothingBody, ClothingHands, ClothingFeet.
    The special keywords: OnlyMale (if needed), OnlyFemale (if needed).
4. The sex is changed.
5. The race is changed, preserving the vampire subrace:
    For custom races you need to set the race names up:
        You can find them in the console in game.
        You can find them with SSEEdit looking at 'EDID - Editor Id'.
        You may find them in a .ini file of the custom race mod.
6. The scale is changed.
7. With RaceMenu:
    A RaceMenu preset is loaded.
8. With SexLab Aroused:
    Increase exposure when turning into a Cursed Form.

Technical Details:
  • Sex is changed with the console command 'sexchange'.
  • Race is changed with the papyrus function SetRace() or else with the console command 'setrace'.
  • Scale is changed with the console command 'setscale'.
  • RaceMenu presets are applied with the RaceMenu console command 'skee preset-load'.

Mandatory Dependencies, Requirements:
  • SKSE.
  • ConsoleUtilSSE.
  • SkyUI.

Optional Dependencies:
  • RaceMenu.
  • OStim.
  • SexLab.
  • SexLab Aroused.

  • The script runs at the given times and then remains idle.
  • No vanilla records were harmed in the making of this mod.
  • Mods designed for only male or only female players are probably incompatible.
  • Mods that assume the PC sex does not change and can be configured exclusively for male or for female players at a time are probably incompatible.
  • Quests that assume the PC sex does not change are probably incompatible.
  • The mods listed below lack the proposed integrations.

  • I'm using Semantic Versioning, so given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, an increment in the:
  • MAJOR version means incompatible changes (new game is mandatory),
  • MINOR version means backwards compatible added functionality (hopefully, I am not an expert at papyrus... yet),
  • PATCH version means backwards compatible bug fixes (hopefully again).

Thanks, Credits: see above.
License, Permissions: see above.

Nice ideas to have for possible future versions:
1. Immersive ways to get cursed:
    By chance when hit by witches or hagravens i.e.
    "Completing the Wabbajack quest, or doing something else related to Sheogorath" (Thanks Wiley\_Os from LoversLab for the idea).
2. Immersive ways to get cured:
    After orgasms under both forms with the same lover (SL, SLSO, FG, OStim) i.e.
    The form at the time would become permanent until the Curse recurs.
3. With SOS and proper schlongs:
    Previous schlongs are restored, or specific schlongs are set.
    Female schlongs may materialize.
4. With OStim and SexLab:
    Turn into a female (if there is such a form) just before being a victim of a male.
5. With SexLab Arousal:
    Increase exposure when schlongs materialize.
6. With Estrus mods:
    Turn into a female (if there is such a form) just before the animations.
7. Add bounty when seen in a given form (Thanks PhantomX from LoversLab for the idea).
8. Add and remove factions to each form (Thanks PhantomX from LoversLab for the idea).
9. Add skill debuffs to each form.
10. Have each form act like a different persona:
    Different total bounties (Thanks PhantomX for the idea).
    Different factions.
    Different level (Thanks LinksSword for the idea).
    Different skills.

These mods could have better integration, but in the meantime currently implemented options may serve as manual workarounds:
1. With Pregnancy mods:
    Do not leave a female form if pregnant.
2. With Egg Factory:
    Turn into a female (if there is such a form) when a cursed egg is looted.
    Do not leave a female form while pregnant.
3. With Devious Devices:
    Turn into a female (if there is such a form) when devices are equipped.
    Do not leave a female form when there are devices equipped.
4. With Simple Slavery:
    Turn into a female (if there is such a form) at the auction house cell.

I would like to implement these ideas but help is needed:
1. Unequip items that do not have meshes for the sex of the next form.

I will probably not implement these ideas, I could not hook into them easily. I will leave them to the community and gladly give support. I encourage brave modders to take a look to the scripts of these mods and use the ModEvents from mine (or propose some good solution):
1. With Customizable Camera:
    A user defined preset is applied.
2. With Active Overlays:
    Reset the spells, so newly applied overlays get affected immediately.

Supported ModEvents:
1. "TFCEnableCurse", received to enable the curse.
2. "TFCDisableCurse", received to disable the curse.
3. "TFCChanceTurnIntoTrueForm", received to take the chance to turn into the True Form.
4. "TFCChanceTurnIntoCursedForm", received to take the chance to turn into a Cursed Form.
5. "TFCTurnIntoTrueForm", received to turn into the True Form.
6. "TFCTurnIntoCursedForm", received to turn into a Cursed Form.
7. "TFCTurnIntoForm", received with a FormId to turn into the given Form the way the Curse works: wait for the conditions, show notification, unequip items, then turn.
8. "TFCForceTurnIntoForm", received with a FormId to turn into the given Form the way the powers work: unequip items, then turn.
9. "TFCPlayerTurned", sent with the FormId every time the player turns.