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Animations for the unarmed SkySa fighter

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Here is another attempt to bring the unarmed combat some love again, through SkySa this time.

A lot of time and effort went into these movesets and I 'm looking forward to read your comments on these.

The pack consists of many attack combos and they follow the logic of every few levels advancing up a tier. They start with a 2 hit combo and 3 power attacks and go up till 7 hit combo and 8 power attacks. The tiers are set to advance every 7 player levels gain, so you will "master" a new move at levels 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35.
The intention I have while setting the progression this way, is to actually have this applied to the way you play and in order to see the power attacks you will have to notice what your character is doing. Don't worry though. Unfortunately besides visuals, this doesn't do anything to affect gameplay, meaning the attacks do the same damage nomatter how complex it looks.

The movesets work with a shield equipped too!!! If you want to try this playstyle make sure to check my shield animations

The animations also make use of the newly arrived Animation Motion Revolution which is requirement. You will also need the DAR and SkySa ofc.
Don’t forget to run Nemesis.

Update 1 - Dash: I added a dash attack that launches a forward punch. I think it will add a much needed mobility attack to close the distance between an enemy, and provide actual gameplay usage. The attack will replace the first normal attack on every combo tier and is triggered when moving backwards. Also, while it doesn't use any stamina you will need at least 150 stamina in your bar to use it (immersion).

Update 2 - SkyDive : added another mobility animation. This one is a sky dive. It also replaces the first normal attack of any combo tier. The conditions to trigger this one is also while moving backwards. You ll also need to have 80 or more in Alteration and more than 85% on your magicka bar (more immersion).

Update 3 - Rage Cyclone : this is a just-for-fun animation. It's pretty powerful!! I m not going for balance here, but unarmed can be a lackluster damagewise, so I 'll leave it up to you to decide if it's OP or balanced. The pack consists of one normal attack and one power attack. The condition that activates the motion pack is to have less than 45% health. This condition will deactivate any other moveset from the mod regardless of level, in favor of a rage train spinning cyclone attack, exept the mobility Dash and SkyDive attacks. Go back and heal or rage and rush forward; your choice. 

VERSION 2.0 is out. Contains all moves and movesets so far. Safe to install/uninstall at any time.
hopefully all issues that mentioned before have been solved. If you find any please let me know. Enjoy

***Important note : uninstall any previous versions before installing v2.0.***

Recommended aditions :
Alpha Jab, for more uhmph.
zxlice hitStop, for the same reason
Unarmed block animations, because they look awesome
Unblockable, this will actually enable you to make combos, especially when you have AI mods that make the enemies block a lot.

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I hope you like those too.

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