Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Fixes various issues with meshes in Whiterun.

Permissions and credits
This mod will fix various issues found in the Whiterun building meshes, examples being:

- Roof lighting issues
- Warped roof textures
- Texture seams
- Weird light bleed from buildings at night

I am probably the only one that is annoyed by these issues, but I figured other people might these fixes useful.

Before and after pictures can be found in the image section. All of them were taken with the Illustrious Whiterun texture pack (No parallax meshes) to highlight the issues in the vanilla meshes.

Plug 'N Play

USSEP - This mod carries forward the fixes from USSEP where meshes were available.
SMIM - This mod carries forward the mesh changes from SMIM where meshes were available.
Assorted Mesh Fixes - This mod contains almost identical fixes to the ones provided in Assorted Mesh Fixes + more. Overwrite the meshes from that mod.
WiZkiD - Hall of the Dead Stained Glass Windows - A patch is provided under the optional files.