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Replaces Auri's face from Song of the Green with my own version of her.

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The talky-talky bits:
I'm low-key proud of this title image I made

Yes I know, another Auri replacer O_o. Honestly, Auri (Song of the Green by Waribiki) is one of my favorite follower mods and I tend to squeeze her into my playthroughs whenever it sort of makes sense for my current character. She's like my Skyrim's version of Claire Temple from those Marvel Netflix shows (RIP those shows). I even created a Bosmer character that was somewhat inspired by Auri, and as I slowly updated that character's face over time I figured it would be fun to make my own version of Auri as well.

My goal for this was to make an "updated," High Poly Head version of Auri's appearance without changing her so much that she no longer looked like Auri. So, I took a few screenshots of Auri's original face and used it as a reference when making my own. This is my first real NPC face replacer, and thanks to Enroys for linking me to the one Racemenu to NPC tutorial that actually worked for me, as well as Kalilies for making that amazing tutorial in the first place, I was finally able to make this mod. This mod was made primarily for myself, but I figured other people might want to use it too (I've had some other people express interest in it).

If you look closely at some of the screenshots, you may notice that Auri has star-shaped pupils. This is the way Bosmer eyes look in The Elder Scrolls Online, and since Auri's original appearance was inspired by ESO Bosmer I thought it was fitting to include those style of eyes in my mod. I know they may not be for everyone, so I've also included the more ordinary style eye textures in the FOMOD as a choice, along with green variants for both eye types since green eyes seem to be quite popular in other Auri replacers.

Options for body type (CBBE, vanilla or UNP), hair textures, and teeth textures are also included in the FOMOD. If you use CBBE, choose CBBE so Auri uses your body meshes. If you use UNP or you don't use any female body mods, choose UNP. This mod only adds body textures to prevent seams/mismatch.

Also, I know the file size looks quite big, but I'm not really how else to decrease it since it uses FOMOD.

Another thing I should note is that Auri may look a tad bit different based on your own ENB setup. My old screenshots are with Rudy ENB for Cathedral Weathers. The new shots for version 2.0 were taken with a custom FNENB

Side note: it took me a long ass time just thinking of a name for this mod, let alone choosing what images to show and in what order. Why am I so indecisive

What this mod does:

  • Replaces Auri's face from Song of the Green with a High Poly Head version that still looks faithful to the original (to me at least)
  • Gives her 4K HD Bijin Skin textures (optional 2K textures included)
  • Keeps her height the same but changes her weight to 72 (The weight looks fine to me based on the vanilla shaped body)
  • Auri uses whatever skin specular textures you use, so if you use wet/sweaty skin textures Auri will match (it shouldn't matter if you use Bijin textures or not due to the nature of specular maps)
  • Adds sharp teeth or normal teeth, depending on your choice.
  • Adds original KS hair textures or Salt and Wind, depending on your choice
  • Adds six different eye textures to choose from.
  • Adds options for 3 different types of antlers

This mod contains an ESP.

Now includes a face preset for RaceMenu. (this is now outdated, but still close enough to the new version)


  1. Install Song of the Green by Waribiki
  2. Install this mod with a mod manager and follow the FOMOD instructions.
  3. For the love of Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Mara, Stendarr, Talos, and Zenithar, please make sure this mod loads AFTER Song of the Green (018Auri.esp) unless you want Auri to look like a butt-face. If you load it before, Auri won't look like Auri at all. She won't use her original face or my replacer version. She'll use the CK edited version that isn't meant to be seen,or she'll get the dark face bug.

Face Preset Installation:
Install the required mods:
Install one of my two preset options like any other mod. Make sure it overwrites Authentic Eyes.

Launch Skyrim, open RaceMenu with the ShowRaceMenu command, navigate to the Presets tab, and load the preset named "Auri_WoodElfPreset_byKadraeus.jslot"

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