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An Alternate to SGC - Skysa; Attack Behavior Revamp tries to give more attack options and combos with special 3 slash for all weapons, Atlernate attacks for 1 Handed, 2 handed and dual wield weapons, Roleplay as a left handed character, have Skysa's "step & Swing" movement but have sideways attacks Unlocked. Also inludes new animations

Permissions and credits
3.0 update now has a CGO compatible version

3.0 has the ABR/SkySA attack commitment and supports optimized animations for it and allows the features of CGO to function like jump attacks, dodging and leaning.

All features with ABR except the dual 2nd swing is available, the 2nd swing is not included because CGO's grip switch makes it redundant

The only known feature so far that CGO does not have is the 360 attacks because of the commitment

All Skysa Animations and ABR animations are compatible and can be replaced

uses the 2 swing animation loop

CGO previously wouldn't work well with Animated Armoury because its custom animations were broken due to CGO's blends, but with this Mod, No more animations are broken and it even comes with its own custom animations for spears/claws/whips/pikes/rapiers. just make sure to enable the DAR option in Animated Armoury's MCM

it does use full commitment similar to skysa, by default the only available power attack is forward power attacks; for a solution,

MOD RECOMMENDED: Separate Power Attacksby Reza9892
for those who want directional power attacks with the full commitment version


1. install Combat Gameplay Overhaul
2. go to Combat Gameplay Overhaul main folder > Nemesis_engine > mod > dscgo: AND DELETE 1hm_behavior or rename it OR keep it as back up

3. Install Attack Behavior Revamped for CGO
4. make sure the Attackbehaviortweaks.esp is below cgo's esp and the files is below combat gameplay overhaul in the left pane of Mod organizer 2 for purpose of Nemesis file checking
5. only tick Combat Gameplay Overhaul in the nemesis patcher

6. Update engine and Launch Behavior engine after the update
7. Run the game

**For those experiencing CTD after installation**
the most probable cause is there were left overs from your previous nemesis patch even after updating the engine, One workaround for this is to delete your nemesis_engine patch in the overwrite folder of Mod Organizer 2, Delete the patch first then then Run Nemesis Again, update the engine and patch it to create a fresh patch without possible leftovers


While browsing through the mods and getting recommendation from other users, I tried the mod Stances and it was such a blast to play! I realized the potential of that mod. Stances allows you to create more ways of attacking the opponent, and you can do so at will, with the simple use of a shout or toggleable keys! This combined with the former, enhances the concept and principle this mod was built which was to add more ways to strike, to make attacking an art. Combined with the Add-on, have actual purpose to all the changes and make every strike have reason behind it. Mod comes with animations for all high/low/mid guards for swords greatswords and axes so far. but it isn't the final product, more animations to enhance variety and immersion will come soon!


The New Update removes the jitters and flickers because it changes the Attack System from 2 states to 3, The reason for this change is to get the most out of the original SkySA attack comittment while keeping the initial freedom for initial attacks and Directional attacks while making the combat as smooth as possible and less "glitch" flicker free, also, because of this, there are more possible options and ways to attack which is the idea and principle of the mod.

  • Attack Behavior Revamp      is built upon the "step & swing" combat behavior of SkySA and Tries to add several features

Unlocked Sideways and Directional 
-SkySA implemented the step & Swing movement when attacking, however this was a bit too limiting, it did not allow directional attacks and power attacks, this mod, only implements the Step and Swing movement to forward attacks, sideways attacks are unlocked so you are able to do all directions of power attacks

Left Handed Attack Behaviors
-Skysa only had left handed attacks when dual wielding because there were no behaviors for the left hand. So DAR was used to play a left handed animation only when dual wielding was equipped, but with this mod, dual wielding and left hand attacks are no longer just visual, attack with your left hand using the left attack button, roleplay as a left handed character, block with the right hand button when right weapon is empty, all left and behaviors now have thesame behaviors and animations as its right hand counterparts

Alternate Attacks
- Encourages unique combo chains with this feature, when wielding just a hand hand weapon, pressing the both attack buttons make the player swing with 2 hands, when pressing both attack with 2h weapons, the player swings the weapon 1 handed, dual wield has a 2nd swing and the dual wield swing transitions like regular attacks and has a movement similar to regular attacks

Special Power Attacks for all weapons
- All weapons now have the 3 slash combo, vanilla skyrim only had it for dual wielding but now, all weapon types have their own special attacks and animations. Special Attacks are done By holding both attack buttons just like vanilla dual wield

New Bashing

-3 normal bashing animations come with this mod

New Animations per weapon type and unique movese for some unique weapons

-this mod contains over 200 animations( I stopped counting) Has animations for each weapon type, several animations for unique weapons and even modded weapons are supported

Don't like the animations that come with this mod?

YES They are replaceable, this utilizes DAR to create its moveset, if you like to replace or put your animation in the system, just replace the animation in the corresponding folder, there is a moves list as reference, or if finding the corresponding folder is too  much work, then just create a new folder with a higer number, i recommend starting at 9900 as the folders in this mod span from 4000-9000

Because the latest version changes the attack states to 3 there is now an adjustment to all the animation files, don't worry, you are still able to replace every animation in the mod, personalization will never be compromised. And the change simply involves minor changes to the already established method

in the early versions, the chain was:

in the new version, its now 

So if you want to change animations, take note of the new file names, the 1st swing will not loop, as it is meant to be the static attacks but the 2nd swing and 3rd swing will transition/loop with each other so if you have your own skysa or other animations and want multiple combos that are randomized by DAR be sure to remember the proper file names, example the original skysa uses the 1st swing as attack right and the 2nd swing as attack left, to be able to use that with the new version and loop it properly, just rename the 1st swing to 1hm_RunFwdAttackright.hkx

simple renaming is all you need, no patching whatsoever

Includes Character Behaviors Enhanced Compatible Version!
Want this mod + Jump Attacks, Delayed Attacks, Underwater Combat? A version made for CBE is Available, make sure to download the proper version of this mod and install the right CBE

For Non Character Behaviors Enhanced Users
- Nemesis


Unofficial Character Behaviors Enhanced

1. Download Nemesis and Install
2. Download Dar and install
3. Download this mod and install
4. Run nemesis engine and click update, and then patch with nemesis engine

* I recommend deleting the existing nemesis_engine folder in the overwrite in mod organizer before creating a new patch so you can have a fresh patch of nemesis

1. Download Nemesis and install
2. Download DAR and install
3.Download any version of Character Behaviors Enhanced I recommend getting this
4. Run the Nemesis engine afterwards, Update and Patch (Again I recommend deleting the previous patch)
5. Play the Game!


Works with most behavior mods,, Dynamic Combat Module Disables the exclusive left attacks because of the left hand block feature but this record can be deleted in the DCM esp, a compatibility patch can be made soon!

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Special Thanks

To NickNack for helping me out with making this behavior revamp, this wouldn't have been possible without his support
Distar for his tutorials on animating and hands on teaching with how to create animations for skyrim