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Ordinator has lots of directional power attack perks. Skysa and most AMR movesets do not suport that. This modifies ord perk trees and perks so ordinator works with Skysa and AMR.

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  • Mandarin
There're roughly 3 directional power attack perks(forward, side, back) for every weapon type(sword/maces/axes/gs/warhammer/battleaxes), none of which work with Skysa and AMR movesets, because you cannot do directional power attacks.

I removed two of those perks for every weapon from the perk tree, and modified the rest one perk's condition so that it's compatible with Skysa and AMR's power attack. 

Why not keeping all three of them and modifying all of their conditions? That makes you OP because every power attack you do now has all three perks' bonuses

Perks that got removed are either "boring" e.g. giving you extra stat boost on repeated attacking or overpowered e.g. letting one heavy attack lower your enemy's health to 60% of full health. I keep most interesting perks like breaking your enemy's shield with an axe, knocking your enemy down with a warhammer, or cutting through multiple enemies with 2H heavy attack. Thus you still get the complete Ord experience while being a little less OP at endgame. 

Compatible with everything that's compatible with Ordinator. Safe to install/uninstall midgame. 

Alternatively, install "no direction" in optional files, which simply removes all directional attack perks from ordinator perk tree, if you hate those perks, I guess. 

check out this guide by me too;-]