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A mod that gives Orc Longhouses their own texture sets.

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Important information:
Unfortunately, the original author is no longer available and I have not received a response from CareTaker for a long time. If one of them has a problem with this mod or the original author wants to upload his own version, I will remove my mod.

all Credits goes to steveowashere, the original author of the mod.

(I have also allowed myself to copy the description of the original mod.)

Those poor orcs. It seems everyone ignores them, even Besthesda. In vanilla Skyrim the Orc Longhouses use the same textures as regular farmhouses and a few from Nordic dungeons, but this makes no sense. Orcs have their own culture and building techniques and while the rest of the people in Skyrim are content to build clones of each other's houses using exactly the same materials, Orcs are not. This is where this mod comes in, Orc Longhouses  and other Orc things now have their own texture sets with their own design instead of having to share with other architecture in Skyrim. Hopefully giving Orc Strongholds a unique feel. 

Even if you hate Orcs, I'm sure you could appreciate this mod because it makes vising Orc strongholds a unique experience and perhaps seasoned players who have visited them 100's of times can find a sense of 'freshness' with this mod. 

I did my best to make the architecture of the Longhouses stand out and seem 'Orcish', i.e. rough and unpolished. Obviously these are people with their own culture and ways of working materials so I tried to reflect that in the textures. Being a rough and tough people their building methods should match this. That's why I choose this wood texture for many things. As you can see it's been handed worked with an axe and not been cut by the lumber mills that the other races in Skyrim use. Orc hand make their own houses/structures. The rest of Orc woodwork is also made from rough wood. You can expect similar logic with the rest of the materials I used for Orc architecture. 

TL;DR: (Seriously? You need a TL;DR for 3 short paragraphs?) Gives Orc Longhouses and Strongholds their own unique set of textures because Orcs are special.

I really enjoyed making this mod and deciding which textures fit the logic an Orc would follow, I hope you enjoy it was well :)

This is a pretty straightforward mod to install. Just download the installer, run it with your mod manager, pick the options you want and install. Make sure the plugin is active in your load order. Order of the plug-in shouldn't matter too much. 

The new Orc Longhouses have their own LODs, previously they shared LODs with farmhouses, because of this DynDOLOD is nessisary to generate and assign LODs correctly. 


There is a minor conflict with Animated Clutter, where this mod overwrites one mesh: The Orc end table.

Should be compatible with most everything else. Obviously mods that change Orc Longhouses or strongholds would be incompatible. Only texture sets, statics, movable statics have been changed. No quests, scripts, NPCs, markers, navmesh, ect have been touched. The plugin has also been cleaned.

If any other mods use the vanilla orc records, then very likely they will use the updated textures as well. This however depends on the mod. I'll update this section and patch for anything should it come up. 

'but...I want more details!', I hear you say? 

Here's what been changed in greater detail:

  • New textures for Orc architecture.
  • All Orc meshes in the 'architecture' folder now use included textures.
  • All Orc Furniture now uses included textures.
  • Stockades (wood walls) around Orc Strongholds now use included textures.
  • Replaced 'common' furniture with orc style furniture where possible.
  • New thatch texture for interior ceilings
  • Added aspen leaves to Largashbur Stronghold stockade walkways because there's aspen trees that overhang the wall.

Note: I have not touched chests, dining clutter, or crafting stations because those will be covered by future Spice of Life mods.

Because this mod add more textures, there is the possibly for increased Vram usage. But it's doubtful this will have a real world effect since it's still roughly the same amount of textures being loaded into the scene as in vanilla. 


You may use this mod for whatever you wish. It is licensed under WML 1.0 Cathedral License. Please follow the licence's rules and you are good to go.