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Fixes the moss position on the Reach Trees if the user uses the mod Simply Bigger Trees

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Simply Bigger Trees 
Floating Hanging Tree Moss - Fix

Fixes the Reach tree moss height if you use the mod simply bigger trees. This mod is a ongoing work in progress but is in a near complete state. Please use the bugs tab to detail EXACT locations of bugged tree moss on the Reach trees if you find any. I want the grid locations and the type of moss. So for example: TreeMoss02
was bugged at POIREACH14. Another example would be TreeMoss02 was bugged at Wilderness -28, 17. You can use dyndolod to get the location or find the location in the creation kit and get the moss type from there. Please report bugged locations so I can fix them. The more eyes on this the better.

This mod is flagged .esl and wont take up a spot in your load order and should be positioned at the very top of your load order aka like right after Skryim.esm etc every mod you have should come after this mod - not a hard requirement just for best results but really it doesnt matter. Mod only contains tree moss location edits so it can be installed and uninstalled at any time. it wont conflict with anything because no one wants to take on this hell and if they did they would just be fixing what im fixing. There are mods out there that basically make all moss invisible. Its like a bandied for a compound fracture. Also the moss is added in a lot of places not just trees and it takes away a lot of character to just make all moss invisible.

Bug is shown in the screenshot below: