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Vanilla speech dialogue options are overhauled to have more personality, suited for more immersive roleplaying.

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Vanilla speech dialogue options are overhauled to have more personality, suited for more immersive roleplaying.

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In Short:
1. Success and failure speech dialogue options are now differentiated
2. Rewritten lines for more personality
3. Compatibility with other quest-changing mods

Why this mod was made:

In the vanilla game, speech dialogue option are somewhat lackluster to my taste. Not only are success and failure dialogue options completely the same, they didn't have enough personality, or "flavor", to make the player character feel like a character in a story, but more so just a vessel for the player to explore Skyrim.

They were written to sound neutral or bland to accommodate every kind of character in the players' heads, but without real choices in the story, the player characters are at best, well, in their own heads. Roleplaying games should have the players' personality reflected in the game, not just in their heads.

If I designed an RPG, I wouldn't want the player character to speak bland lines for the players to fill in the blanks. The game itself should be the complete experience. True, you can't accommodate every character the player might imagine, but if a game can reflect a player's character's personality through a variety of choices, then it should be so.

How this mod was implemented:

This mod wouldn't change Skyrim's narrative design so drastically to turn it into the perfect roleplaying experience, but it has somewhat given more flavor to the player's speech dialogue choices to reflect these:

Persuasion - the player should be a sensible or cunning person to want to use persuasion, using evidence or deceit to convince people. The speech dialogue's success should reflect the player's charisma, in most cases. If the player has low speech skills, then they should sound less charismatic in the game; vice versa.

Intimidation - the player should be a violent, rash, or wrathful person to want to use intimidation, using brute strength and terror to  coerce people. While intimidation will also reflect the player's charisma, it's more on how dangerous the player should sound. If the player has low speech skills, the player should sound less tough, and the people may not find them a dangerous figure.

Example for persuasion:

1. The player tries to tell a Thalmor to leave the blacksmith alone.

Player: The blacksmith won't talk. You're wasting your time. (Persuade)

It was the same for both success and failure attempts. Why would the same words lead to different results?

Success: The blacksmith won't talk. You're wasting your time. (A convincing argument phrased maturely)
Failure: The blacksmith doesn't even know it. Your whole plan is a joke. (An argument phrased as an insult, leading to the Thalmor being angered)

While not a code was changed to the game, the difference between writing could change the roleplaying experience.

2. The player tries to convince the mercenaries to leave a town.

Player: This whole town wants you out. Leave. (Persuade)

Success: Stay if you want, but no one will save you when a dozen angry townsmen come with their hoes. (More flavor, stronger argument - the townsmen will get angry, and they'll get armed)
Failure: This whole town wants you out. Leave. (Not persuasive, why would they fear the townsmen?)

3. Persuade Elisif to help you distract a party.

Player: You'd be doing me a big favor... (Persuade)

Success: You're the Jarl of Solitude, what's the harm if something goes wrong? (Try to appeal to her pride and make use of her inexperience)
Failure: You'd be doing me a big favor... (Not a convincing argument, doesn't sound charismatic enough)

Example for intimidation:

1. The player tries to get the hilt of Mehrunes Dagon's Razor.

Player: Give me the hilt, or things get ugly. (Intimidate)

This sounds too repetitive in the game. Always "do this or you'll get hurt" but with a change of maybe 3 words.

Success: If I don't get the hilt from you, then Mehrunes Dagon himself will. (Threatens with a real threat)
Failure: Give me the hilt, or things get ugly. (The simple "give this to me or I beat you!")

Most speech option lines of vanilla Skyrim are already rewritten. Let me know if you see any that wasn't, and want me to rewrite them.

USLEEP's changes have already been implemented.
Most mods should be compatible.