Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A complete overhaul of Skaal Greathall. Hearthfire compatible :D

Permissions and credits

Have you ever thought Skaal's GreatHall had nothing great about it? And why the hell the whole place can't be used by anyone else?
Well, not anymore :D
 This mod was created actually to fit my roleplay, but perhaps some of you have the same wish to cheer the Skaal village up :D
On this mod, you will be able to live among the Skaal villagers and also live at the GreatHall with your kids. There's a small and silly dialogue (I know, I'm not that good creating romance stuff haha), and will allow you to take Fanari as spouse and move to Greathall, as soon as you finish Dragonborn's main quest.

The Hall 
 is fully compatible with Hearthfires and you can adopt up to 4 children. To be able to adopt the children you must have installed Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPhoenix and use the spell "bless this home" to be able to move with your family.


Mannequins and weapon displays
Main bedroom with bathtube
Enchantment and Alchemy lab
Kids room for 4 children
Followers can sleep at the hall
Garden where your kids and followers can interact with the place and the city
Hire bards to sing at the hall


As for being Skaal leader, I'm not the person to create such quest, so I'll leave it to your imagination

Enjoy it!

Tapestries by RoboBirdie

Thrones of Skyrim by kelretu 

Tesak1243 - Paintings by Tesak1243

Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys

Liam's Clutter Resource by LWatson95

Lolicept Resources by lolikyonyu

Lor Modders' Resources by LorSakyamuni

Jokerine's Misc Resources by Jokerine

Wicker Set by flintone

Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys

Displays - Dragon Claw and others by skyrimlazz

Modders Resource - Potion Racks by Ghaunadaur

Resources for modders by Runspect

Stroti Resource Pack by Tamira

Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary

Alchemy Clutter Resource by Blary

Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins by eldiabs

Dhaena Breton Follower and Preset

Springwood Estate - Player Home

Blue Palace Overhaul 5.0

Vandfald Cottage - A Player Home

Taina - Standalone Healer Follower

Katheryn Follower (Serana Replacer Option)

Alysanne Follower

Uhtred Standalone Follower

Arwen - Standalone High Elf Follower

Dastan Standalone Male Follower and preset

Auriel - High Elf Follower and preset

Ealirel Wood Elf Follower and preset


NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K

DT Fanari Strong-Voice