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The complete SarthesArai map marker collection with DLC and Open Cites Skyrim (OCS) built in patch.

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This is an edited version of Map Markers Complete by SarthesArai

Contains the following of SarthesArai mods:
What did I do to the plugin beyond the original work:
  • Ran through to the CK to update the form version(kinda pointless in my opinion but is a good habit)
  • Merged the Dragonborn dlc
  • Patched for OCS using the enable parent(I briefly tested this with and without OCS)
  • Cleaned up some edits that I dont think are needed so it only contains new records(no conflicts, kinda)

What this mod cannot cause:
  • Crashes(I'd be very surprised as the mod is pretty simple)
  • Water flow issues(All map markers are in the persistent CELL, so they cannot affect water flows)
  • "Enemy" markers on compass(I checked this myself as all map markers have a type)

What mods do I recommend on top of this
  • Pastel Map Markers (part of me thinks this looks bad but the other is really enjoying the uniqueness)