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A modest collection of compatibility patches for other mods to work with SunHelm Survival and needs. All of them are ESL flagged esp plugins (ESPFE) for user convenience.

Permissions and credits
I wanted to make use of a fairly minimal survival/needs mods that gave a purpose to food, drink and rest without adding too much bloat to the game.
SunHelm Survival and needs by colinswrath seemed to satisfy that itch for me. As such, I figured I would share some of the patches I created around my personal modlist for everyone to make use of. Generally, these will add appropriate keywords to different Food and Drink added by mods in order to make them recognizable to SunHelm. This will allow them to quench thirst or sate hunger appropriately without needing to configure it yourselves. This also adds the keywords to certain ingestibles that do not already have the VendorItemFood keyword already (These would not be configurable in-game, and would simply not be recognized at all)

In some cases, I have also added the appropriate flags to mod-added water records (WATR), so that SunHelm will recognize them and the user is able to fill waterskins and quench thirst using the power or hotkey properly. I highly recommend using zedit-water-damage Patcher from the zEdit patchers warehouse to have all water records in your modlist to be recognized. Alternatively, the Synthesis Water Damage patcher also works perfectly well.

Note: All of them are ESL flagged esp plugins (ESPFE) for user convenience.

Included Patches:


Mod manager should be used to install the patches. The patches should be placed below the mod they are intending to patch from the list above. Alternatively, they can be installed manually by choosing the plugins required and placing them in the Skyrim data folder.

The FOMod will recognize if you already have the mod plugin installed in your load order, and check the patch automatically for the user. They can be unchecked manually if required.

Compatibility Notes:

Generally, these patches are independent of each other and should not introduce any incompatibilities. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or doubts.


SunHelm Survival and needs by colinswrath
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-Borgiak for  "BRG The Gourmet" in Skyrim Legendary Edition
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