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A simple Mod that integrates some of the addtions from Cyrodiil and beyond introduced in "Beyond Skyrim: Bruma" and "Beyond Skyrim: Wares of Tamriel" into Skyrim in a sensible manner, meaning if the characters or items directly hail from Cyrodill or other provinces.

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There are also some instances where items got integrated from "Beyond Skyrim: Wares of Tamriel" into "Beyond Skyrim: Bruma".

Plautis and Salonia Carvain, our long traveling couple, are now wearing Cyrodilic Noble Clothes and got Cyrodilic Steel Daggers, since they are from Cyrodiil.
Their Bodyguard is wearing Bruma Guard Armor.
Members of the Synod in Mzulft got their faction´s actual outfit, for more immersion.
Amaund Motiere, that shady noble from Cyrodiil and member of the Elder Council, now dawns a fitting Cyrodilic Nobleman´s Attire, including even an Amulet of the Elder Council.
Vittoria and Alexia Vici in Solitude are now wearing Cyrodilic Noble Clothes as well, since their related to the Emperor himself.
Members of the East Empire Company such as Aquillius Aeresius and Orthus Endario are wearing fitting cyrodilic clothes, including slightly edited Merchant Boots to reduce clipping with the Cyrodilic Merchant Clothes.
At the offices of the East Empire Company traded items from Cyrodiil can be found. The East Empire Company's ships are now also of cyrodilic design.
Addionally traders that hail from Morrowind will stock some goods from Solstheim and Morrowind.
Khajiit caravans sell food and weapons from Elsweyr.
In Cyrodiil Shadowbansih Wine will now have an appropriate model and the Alyeid Waraxe was integrated into the proper Leveled Lists.
Simund Gautierre carrys a new Silver Claymore.
The new Silver Weapons can now be found in Bruma.
And finally Amren´s Family Sword is now a Cyrodilic Iron Sword, since he claims that his family is hailing from the Imperial Province.

Note that there are two versions available in the files section,  "Tamrielic Influence" (for "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma" and "Wares of Tamriel" ) and "Cyrodilic Influence" (only for "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma").