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Has your character been wounded but you have no way to display it? "Wounds" provide 13 new Overlays ("Body Paintings") for Racemenu with many cuts and bruises for the misadventures of your character.

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13 New Overlays
I'm a big fan of the mod "Wounds" by IronDusk33, so my characters often spend days or weeks suffering from injuries. To showcase this, I've created this mod that provides 13 new Overlays that apply to different parts of the body (Arms, Legs, Back and Torso) displaying either cuts or bruises.

This mod is a simple 2K overlay, it does not get dynamically applied or anything like that. You will need to do edit your character via showracemenu with RaceMenu installed to apply the injuries. If you change the color to something greyish, they can also look like scars.

Some of the wounds (Those in the legs and in the back) can be hard to see on the RaceMenu, so I recommend moving the camera to actually see them.

Mod is marked as an ESL, so it won't take a slot in your load order.

It should be compatible with all character skin mods and I imagine body types as well, but the location of the scars might differ based on them. It's compatible with other overlays as well, I personally recommend the incredible Skin Feature Overlays by DomainWolf.

You can see a list with the location of the 13 overlays in the image below:

Applying them to Followers
The wounds can also be applied to your followers if using EFF or EFF Standalone Cosmetic Menu. This can be an extra bit of immersion if you're using my mod Follower Death and Injury Chance, which can mark followers as injured. Link below!