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About this mod

Adds animations specific to armor type (using DAR).

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This is my first mod, so I hope you like it.

Armor Type Specific Animations

What's this mod do?
This simple mod adds folders with custom conditions to Dynamic Animation Replacer, which triggers animations only when specific type of armor is equiped. My mod includes only animations from Simple Female Running Animations for light armor (because I have permission to use them), sorry to dissapoint you, but I'm not an 3d artist, so you will have to use your own favorite animations (probably for the best).

How to use it?
You just place animations of your choice in specific folders.
Folder names and what they inteded for:
111 - cloth armor or no armor at all (contains vanilla walking animation,
because I like it);
112 - light armor (already contains Simple Female Running Animation);
113 - heavy armor;

As a bonus:

114 - children specific animations (contains SFRA and vanilla walking animation);
115 - elders specific animations.

Each folder contains .txt file named by condition it executes (for convenience' sake).

Installation and requirements:
This wouldn't be possible without easy-to-use Dynamic Animation Replacer by Felisky, so it is required.

Simply install through your mod handling program or drop data folder from archive into Skyrim SE root folder.

Animations installation:

Search and download animations you like;
Drop .hkx files into directories listed above (don't forget to sort out gender specific animations inside those folders).

Updating mod:
In the 1.1a update I renamed folders (from 12 to 112, etc). To update from previous version, first of all install latest version, then copy animations from old folders in new ones (without .txt's), or you can install all animations manually again.

It can have problems with other DAR mods (if folders will intersect), otherwise should be compatible with any mod.

Other DAR mods that perfectly compatible and I recommend them:
- EVG Conditional Idles
- EVG Animation Variance (it also has folders for elders and children, they're doing the same thing, but because I don't have animations in those, I recommend use from EVG AV. It will work even with folders from both mods installed, but one of them will have priority over another and one will be redundant).
- New Weapons Types and Animation Support

Mod demonstration:
I'm sorry for quality of the video, but that's all what my potato laptop can do.

Here is animations used in the demo:
Cloth or no armor - ndh's Animation Overhaul for running and sprinting, vanilla animations for walking;
Light armor - Realistic Animation Project - movement for sprinting and walking, Simple Female Running Animations for running;
Heavy armor - Smooth Running Animations for sprinting and running, RAP-M for walking.

Animations I use for elderly women - RAP-M for walking (I don't like when they're swaying their thighs so much).

Dnalloh1987 has a great tutorial on how to convert animations from Oldrim, I've used it to convert RAP-M (as well as SFRA and NAO).

It's only an example, you are free to use whatever animations you want.

1.1a - Renamed folders to prevent conflicts with animated armoury.
1.1 - Added FOMOD installer, changed the way armor type checked (nothing REALLY important).