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New running, sprinting, and jumping animations for male and female to look more natural. A must-have mod! These have to be the smoothest jog & sprint animations (to me) because they are very realistic! I have tried them all, trust me! Even the underdogs. I'll say, this one cuts the cake. Check it out!

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Check out the Oldrim version here!
Run Sprint and Jump (for Skyrim 32bit)

**I was given permission by Bergzore to port and upload this mod to the SSE Nexus page. Go check out his other mods!! 『Links below』
(Description below also written by Bergzore.)


This mod replaces the running, sprinting, and jumping animations for male and female, all except for backstep because I thought that it looked fine.

The running is reflective of a natural jog, and the sprinting is more motivated. The arms are better synched with the legs. Please watch the video. I apologize if it is dark during the female part. I encourage you to give the animations a try and see how they look first-hand.

Demonstration video(sorry about the not-so-perfect quality)

Insane0hflex review



To get the muscular offset that I have in the video, you need the mod No Heavy Muscular Walk and Idle created by Scot.

To have the camera centered whilst unarmed, you need to add the following line to your Skyrim.ini:


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