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Play custom poses, gestures, and idles through a WheelMenu.

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  • Mandarin
CIWM - Custom Idle WheelMenu SE
This is a SE port of CIWM - Custom Idle WheelMenu by Maxsu.
Permission was granted by Maxsu to port this mod to SE, post a Patreon link, and include a special gesture.

Special Gesture:
This version includes the famous "Praise the Sun" gesture from the Dark Souls series pre-installed.

1) SKSE64, UIExtensionsSkyUIDynamic Animation Replacer, and FNIS or Nemesis 0.84 or higher are required.

2) Run your FNIS or Nemesis patcher with this mod activated.

3) In game, set your Custom Idle WheelMenu hotkey and enable Group settings in MCM.

4) As a start, Group 0, Slot 0 is the
"Praise the Sun" gesture pre-installed.

Add New Animations:
1) Open this mod's folder and go to "Data\meshes\actors\Character\animations\DynamicAnimationReplacer\_CustomConditions\3130XX" folder, XX represents the Slot index of the animation. For example, 313034 means the Group 3, Slot 4.

2) Put your animation in the
313034 folder, and rename your animation to "CIWM_BasicIdle.hkx" and "CIWM_LoopIdle.hkx"

3) In game, open your Custom Idle WheelMenu using the hotkey and select Group 3, Slot 4 to play the animation.

Maxsu for CIWM - Custom Idle WheelMenu

Expired6978 for UIExtensions

Felisky384 for Dynamic Animation Replacer