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Makes all skill potions+enchantments function on NPCs. No incompatibilities.

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Gives all NPCs in the game the ability to receive the effects of any potion, and more importantly any enchantment.
No incompatibilities, and no plugin. Requires Spell Perk Item Distributor.

Technical: Two perks to know about: "PerkSkillBoosts" and "AlchemySkillBoosts."
  1. The most well known is "PerkSkillBoosts." This lets skill fortifying enchantments work on NPCs.
  2. The other perk it gives out is "AlchemySkillBoosts." This lets NPCs be affected by skill fortifying potions. 
This INI will distribute both to anyone who fits the bill of "ActorTypeNPC." I've tested it around Solitude, and I can happily confirm that it just works.

While both ASIS SSE and the UPF NPC Enchant Fix Patcher are great options, they can be annoying to have to rerun their respective patchers whenever you tweak your load order. In the Enchant Fix Patcher's case, due to zEdit's limitations, whenever you need more than 255 plugins loaded it's (almost) rendered useless. This makes a SPID INI file the most compatible way to add the two SkillBoost perks to NPCs.

Install & Uninstall

Installs quick and easy. Install through your mod manager, or place the EPW4NPCs_DISTR.ini file in your data folder.

Uninstall by deleting the the entry in your mod manager, or deleting the INI from your data folder.


Redundant when used along side ASIS's SkyProc Patcher's feature that adds the same perks. Also redundant with the UDF NPC Enchant Fix Patcher.
The perks won't be added twice, and won't cause in-game issues, but you'll only need one method or the other.

Summermyst (and most enchantment mods) should be compatible out of the box.
I can't account for if they use non-vanilla perk(s) to apply effects to NPCs.

General Rule: Assuming the mod depends on the PerkSkillBoosts and/or the AlchemySkillBoosts perk to apply their effects, it'll work fine.


This will compliment almost anything (see Compatibility section) that adds more enchantments to enemy leveled lists.

I STRONGLY recommend the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, as it fixes bugs relating to the two perks!
This is not a hard requirement, however. I just can't promise the perks will behave properly without USSEP.

The AI in Skyrim won't use any other potions than Restore Health/Magicka/Stamina ones!
If you want allies to use other potions, you'll need Administer Potions and Poisons to Friendly NPCs. It lets you tell people to drink potions manually.

If you'd like NPCs to use spells and perks from various mods, try Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim - EEOS.
It also uses SPID INIs for maximum compatibility. Works great alongside this if you'd like to enhance enemy ability variety and difficulty.