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Vigor - Enhanced Combat focus to add more weight to combat, featuring stamina management, a better block system, dynamic poise, weapon parry, clever potion distribution for NPCs which they will now use, NPCs dodge, a new optional Armor System and more.

Permissions and credits

Fatigue & Stamina

Several actions now cost stamina or have an impact on it`s regeneration, providing a more in-depth stamina management, these apply to all playable races NPCs.

- Attacks with melee weapons cost (weapon weight x 0.25) + 2 stamina per attack.
- Dual Wielding attacks cost ((left weapon weight + right weapon weight)  x 0.25) + 3 stamina per attack.
- Attacks with bows cost bow weight stamina when draw + 3 per second while aiming.
- Attacks with crossbow cost crossbow weight x 0.5 stamina when reloading and reduce regeneration by 50% while aiming.
- Jumping cost 15% of armor weight + 5 stamina.
- Swimming cost 10% of armor weight + 2 stamina per second.
- Running and Casting spells reduce stamina regeneration by 50%.
- Blocking stance reduce stamina regeneration by 30% with shields and by 20% with weapons.

The current percentage of the base stamina also apply buffs or debuffs for each stage of fatigue, this apply to all NPCs, except Undeads (excluding vampires).

- When Stamina is above 75%, stamina regenerate 50% faster.
- When Stamina is above 50%, stamina regenerate 25% faster.
- When Stamina is bellow 50%, attacks deal -10% damage and movement speed is reduced by 10%.
- When Stamina is bellow 25%, attacks deal -20% damage and movement speed is reduced by 20%.
- When Stamina is depleted, attacks deal -30% damage and movement speed is reduced by 30%.

Block & Weapon Parry

Blocked attacks will damage stamina instead of health as long as the actor have enough stamina to fully deflect the hit, otherwise health will be damaged normally. Also, weapons will react to each other in close combat when both actors strike at the same time, interrupting the attack and damaging stamina as if blocking.


- Block costing stamina is achieved by immediately restoring the health lost, damaging the actor stamina by the same value, thus an actor blocking with very low health might actually get killed.
- Damage dealt by weapon enchantments are covered but secondary effects that deal no damage will still be applied.
- Block perk, enchantments and potions will actually reduce the stamina drain when blocking or parrying.


Whenever an actor loose health, poise will be damaged be the same value as the health lost. Once the hidden poise bar reach 0, the actor will be staggered and stamina will be drained based on how much the poise bar is bellow 0.

- The base poise of a humanoid actor is equal to the actor`s total armor weight x 0.75 + 20% base stamina.
- For non-humanoid actors, such as animals, automatons, undead and other creatures, the base poise is equal to 10% of the base health + 20% of the base stamina.
- Poise is restored by 20% of the base poise per second (takes 5 seconds without being damage to fully restore the poise bar).
- The poise bar is fully restored when at full health.
- While casting a magic ward, actors will be immune to poise stagger.
- The stagger duration is 0.25 sec and the cooldown for a new stagger to happen on the same actor is 2 seconds in order to prevent staggering spam.
- After being staggered the poise bar is set to 10% of the base value.

Potions for NPCs

Potions will be distributed to NPCs and they will now have the ability to use most of then. Potions of restore health/ stamina/ magic, resist fire/ frost/ shock/ magic and invisibility will be given to NPCs based on their faction. And NPCs (including followers) will always use these potions under certain conditions. These are real potions that can be looted from their bodies if possible but precaution was taken to do not give then too many potions of the same type.

- Restore Health (100% chance): Given to Guards, Soldiers, Thalmor and Vigilants.
- Restore Health (50% chance): Given to Bandits, Forsworn, Thieves and Dark Brotherhood.
- Restore Magic (100% chance): Given to Warlocks.
- Restore Stamina (100% chance): Given to Guards, Soldiers, Bandits and Forsworn.
- Resist Fire/ Frost/ Shock (25% chance): Given to Warlocks, Forsworn and Vigilants.
- Resist Magic (20% chance): Given to Warlocks and Thalmor.
- Invisibility (50% chance): Given to Thieves and Dark Brotherhood. 
- Invisibility (15% chance): Given to Bandits and Forsworn.


- Potions crafted by the player are not supported due to an engine limitation.
- Other potions are also not supported because they have no effect on NPCs since they lack a perk that`s given to the player only (this is a vanilla issue).

Other Features

- Option to reduce elemental and magic resistance from all actors by 20%, increasing the overall lethality of spells and elemental attacks. This feature won`t affect enemies that are immune to a particular element nor it will reduce the player resistance cap. With this feature enabled and the reduced cap to 80%, the player will need 100% elemental resistance to reach it`s cap.

- Option to disable passive health regeneration based on health threshold (50% default).

- Option to enable a global passive health regeneration for every actor, following the same rules as the player. Actors that had no health regeneration will now regenerate 0.20% of it`s total Health per second (for reference, the player regenerate 0.5% per second), playable race actors will regenerate the same as the player (health regeneration enchantments now work for NPCs). This feature will take in consideration the "Disable Passive Health Regeneration" setting (above) and will apply it to NPCs as well.

- Option to disable sleep and fast travel based on health threshold (50% default).

- Option to make the player stagger like other NPCs (locked in place and unable to take actions).

- Option to enable a "Hit Recover" feature that will make hits recoil at targets and reset it`s animation, increasing the pace of combat and improving the hit "feel" (works for every actor that can wield a weapon).

- Option to enable a simple NPC AI that make then try to dodge power attacks.

- Option to disable friendly fire to allies in combat.

- Optional Movement Tweaks plugin that restrict movements during attacks, decrease backwards and sideways movement speed and increase sprint and walk speed to be more realistic.

- Power attacks cost -50% stamina.

- Stamina cost for bash and power bashes have been reduced to 15/30 from the 30/55 in vanilla.

- More realistic melee weapon range.

- Increased the penalty of armor weight over movement speed by 65%.

- Sprinting cost 50% less stamina but the effect of armor weight over it is increased.

- Stamina regeneration is the same in combat as is out of combat from the 35% efficiency in vanilla. 

- Magic regeneration in combat is increased to 0.5, from vanilla 0.33.

- Elemental and magic resistances cap at 80% from 85% in vanilla.

- Many changes to the block formula and fixed the vanilla bug that made weapons with higher damage block less.

- Blocking power attacks is 25% less effective then blocking normal attacks from 33% in vanilla.

- Removed the hidden armor rating of each equipped armor piece.

- NPCs use more magicka when casting spells.

- Auto-aim for bows and crossbows are disabled.

- Enemy archers are a bit less accurate.

- Changed many non-player vanilla perks responsible for modifying NPCs damage since the implementation was broken and basically tried to reduce the gap between weapon types (ie. like make swords deal similar damage to warhammers). Also removed the perk that made low level enemies deal half damage (you can deal with lvl 1 bandits without this).

- Increased the armor rating > damage reduction value to 0.125 from 0.12 in vanilla. (Supressed by "Vigor Armor System - DT" plugin which set it`s value to 0.03)

- Distribute "Perk Skill Boost" to NPCs, this control many actor values modifiers related to enchantments, effectively making all enchantments work for NPCs just like they work for the player. (Require "Vigor Armor System - DT" plugin)

- Actors are more vulnerable while power attacking (receiving +30% damage). (Require "Vigor Armor System - DT" plugin)

- Power attacks and shield bashes cannot stagger when bellow 25% stamina. (Require "Vigor Armor System - DT" plugin)

Armor System - Damage Threshold (Optional Plugin)

The linear armor rating system has been replaced for a Damage Threshold system where armor rating will now determine how much flat damage will be ignored, making burst damage better against heavily armored targets and fast attacks better against light armor. The damage reduction is based on the attack source, making each weapon type more unique and this comes along with several other balance tweaks.

Each point in Armor Rating will reduce the damage by:

- 0.15 (Bows)
- 0.10 (Dagger)
- 0.09 (Greatsword)
- 0.08 (Sword)
- 0.07 (Battleaxes)
- 0.06 (Waraxe)
- 0.05 (Unarmed and Creature attacks)
- 0.04 (Warhammers)
- 0.03 (Mace)

Power Attacks

Changes to Power Attacks were also made necessary since they are a big damage spike in vanilla having a default multiplier of x2 for playable races and x1.5 for other creatures and also taking in consideration that Vigor greatly reduce the stamina cost of these attacks, power attacks now deal x1.3 damage for playable races (can be increased with perks) while creatures power attacks were left untouched.


Armor types should also feel more different from each other, this mod will dynamically calculate the total weight of your worn armor (shields included) and provide some elemental resistances while reducing stamina and magic regeneration rates based on your equipment weight.

- Fire/ Frost/ Shock resistance is equal 15% the weight of your armor.
- Stamina/ Magic regeneration is reduced by 75% of total armor weight.
- Heavy armors are 25% more effective when compared to light armors.

Also, Armor protection were distributed to a few Creatures that had none in vanilla.

- Draugr have base 100 AR and scale with their heavy armor skill (like other NPCs)
- Chaurus have 100 AR, Chaurus Reapers have 300 AR.
- Falmer have 100 base AR.
- Dragons have 250 AR.
- All Dwemer Automatons have 200 AR, Dwarven Centurions have 500 AR.


How the system works is that the total damage will be subtracted by the target armor rating, so for example, a sword that deal 50 base damage hits a 200 AR enemy, 34 damage would be dealt (16 damage reduced) while a Warhammer that deals 80 base damage would deal 72 damage would be dealt (8 damage reduced). In order to prevent negative damage, in case an attack cannot bypass the enemy armor, minimum damage will be dealt based on the weapon base damage or the creature base unarmed damage (Minimum damage = half the value of base weapon damage or the actor unarmed damage + 5).


- Damage modifiers from difficulty level, will be applied AFTER the damage reduction, it`s not by design, it`s just how the engine handle difficulty damage modifiers differently then other modifiers.
- The vanilla linear damage reduction system was not completely removed from the game, it was kept with a 25% efficiency as every point in Armor Rating will reduce damage by 0.03% from the vanilla value of 0.12% (for example, you get 15% damage reduction at 500 AR).
- Perks like the vanilla Bone Crusher and Skull Breaker only apply to the vanilla system but note that they were already pretty useless since only Bandits Chiefs had any significant armor rating.


- SKSE64
- SkyUI
- Spell Perk Item Distributor (for "Vigor Armor System - DT" plugin)


- After the requirements have been installed, download the mod with your favorite mod manager and activate it.
- In-game the mod is disabled by default, go in the MCM menu and enable it.
- If you enable the optional pluggin "Vigor Armor System - DT" on a save with the main file already running, you have to disable then re enable the mod in the MCM menu for it to take effect.
- Before uninstalling, make sure to disable the mod in the MCM menu and wait at least 6 min outside of combat.


Should be compatible with most mods since the vanilla records edits are minimum but the ones made are very important, so make sure to load this mod after any other mod that change game settings.

Compatible with other combat mods such as Wildcat, Ultimate Combat or Deadly Combat, just make sure to load Vigor after those mods and disable redundant features in the MCM menu.

"Vigor Armor System - DT" should not be used with other mods that change how armor rating is calculated, such as "Armor Rating Redux" or "True Armor". "Armor Rating Redux" should be loaded after "Vigor - Enhanced Combat".

If you use "Vigor Armor System - DT", a balance patch is provided for Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul, since both mods add armor rating for NPCs, it`s not mandatory, but recommended.

Vigor - Movement plugin conflict with Mortal Enemies and should be loaded after it or will have no effect, doing so will forward my settings to NPCs and still let Mortal enemies apply it`s settings to creatures that are not modified by my plugin.


powerofthree for Spell Perk Item Distributor, that provided a nice modding tool that made the damage threshold system possible.
EnaiSiaion for Modern Brawl Bug Fix (included)

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