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Markarth Side Refine is a standalone, rustic, and faithful NPC appearance package of nearly every character in The Reach (75+), staying true to the vanilla game and lore while incorporating some of my personal preferences.

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Markarth Side Refine
Whiterun Hold Refine
Stormcloak Rebellion Refine

Housecarl Companions Refine

Nexus Companions Refine


Markarth Side Refine is a rustic and faithful NPC appearance package of nearly every character in The Reach, staying true to the vanilla game and lore while incorporating some of my personal preferences. This is an on-going project that will hopefully encompass every NPC in Skyrim by the end. Markarth Side covers Markarth, Karthwasten, Old Hroldan Inn, and Soljund's Sinkhole. It does not cover most of Understone Keep, Civil War NPCs, Orc Strongholds or Leveled List NPCs, as they are in their own package. In the meantime, consider checking out Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul, whose overall visual design helped inspire the direction of this mod and years of Skyrim modding.

Some changes from Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (AI packages and additional bug fixes) and Cutting Room Floor (unused, base-game inventory items) have been forwarded for convenience). However, and in most cases, any mod that edits an Actor record with require a compatibility patch.


Markarth: Imedhnain, Lisbet, Endon, Kerah, Bothela, Muiri, Brother Verulus, Eola, Daighre, Erith, Adeber, Ennoc, Willem, Gat gro-Shargakh, Pavo Attius, Skaggi Scar-Face, Sosia Tremellia, Banning, Cedran, Kibell, Morven, Tynan, Uaile, Ogmund, Weylin, Frabbi, Hogni Red-Arm, Hreinn, Hroki, Klepper, Margret, Vorstag, Mulush gro-Shugurz, Urzoga gra-Shugurz, Anwen, Hamal, Orla, Senna, Betrid Silver-Blood, Nana Ildene, Reburrus Quintilius, Rhiada, Thonar Silver-Blood, Thongvor Silver-Blood, Yngvar the Singer, Calcelmo, Ghorza gra-Bagol, Cairine, Cosnach, Degaine, Dryston, Eltrys, Garvey, Hathrasil, Omluag

Cidhna Mine: Borkul the Beast, Braig, Duach, Grisvar the Unlucky, Madanach, Odvan, Uraccen, Kaie

Karthwasten: Enmon, Mena, Ainethach, Belchimac, Lash gra-Dushnikh, Ragnar, Atar

Old Hroldan Inn: Eydis, Leontius Salvius

Soljund's Sinkhole: Perth, Tuthul


Changes have been made in an effort to better reflect a characters lore and backstory. Margret looks more like a outlander from Cyrodiil with new hair and a cleaner apperance. Miners, the sick, and the lame have been given appearances to better suit them. They have untrimmed eyebrows, more dirt on their face, blue tint-masks. The exception is Eltrys, who is more well-kept than others thanks to his wife's well-paying job and his father's background. Service-working women have had their hair tied back, such as Frabbi and Hroki. Characters have been made to look younger or older based on the age of their children and community-consensus. Prisoners have been given an overhaul to make them more unique, and many NPCs with otherwise default faces have been given completely new appearances. Blacksmiths have been given darker faces to reflect their line of work, and been equipped with one-handed mauls (these items can not be wielded, looted, or interacted with the player, and in most conditions aren't used). Calcemo sports vintage Dwemer eyeglasses, like the cool uncle you know him to be.

An additional extension has been made available to further integrate more mods into the game such as Creation Club Content or Beyond Skyrim. Track the mod and my profile on Nexus to stay up to date with this project.


[Base Game ESMs]
[Unofficial Skyrim Patches]
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WICO - Immersive People.esp
[FaceGen Patches]




Tempered Skins for Males
Tempered Skins for Females
Superior Lore-Friendly Hair
Natural Eyes
Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map
Natural Teeth
True Faces


Mauls One Handed Hammers
Hallgarth's Additional Vanilla Hair
Cuyi's Bosmeri Antlers
Realistic Eyeglasses


Veydosebrom Grass and Groundcover
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons ("Refine" Edit)
ENB Refine


Thank you to Hallgarth for allowing me to distribute their vanilla hair mesh edits as a standalone hair package.
Thank you to SarthesArai for allowing me to distribute their one-handed hammer meshes as a standalone item.
Thank you to MannyGT for open-permissions on their eyeglasses mesh.
Thank you to Windsong, creating such iconic renditions of characters that have made such a lasting impression on my taste and this project.
Thank you to Nightshade, Dreldyn and Lyreha for open-permissions on their bosmeri antlers.
Thank you to the r/skyrimmods Discord for providing feedback on this project.