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Mer in Skyrim have diverse, colourful, eyes. The beautiful textures of Improved Eyes Skyrim have been revitalised for a replacer that stays true to vanilla whilst vastly improving on quality.

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Mystic Eyes is a replacer for default mer eyes; it covers dark elves, high elves, orcs, snow elves, and wood elves. I liked the many tones of sclera present for mer in default Skyrim but many eye mods, although improvements in their own right, would wash out or outright whiten them for elves. The classic mod Improved Eyes Skyrim was a good change to the iris and pupils but in it the eyelashes, tear duct, and sclera remained low resolution. These have been updated using a combination of Fair Skin Complexion and Van Gogh Eyes to complete the package, with additional adjustments to colour, shading, and tone for the ultimate immersive™ experience. Orc irses have been replaced from the compound eyes that Improved Eyes introduces back to regular irises using this earlier alpha of Gearhog's eye mod.

Irises have been resized to normal. I made this choice because I felt it important that the normal map match the eyes and because the iris size can be changed by merely resizing the eyes – I think it works better overall. Care has been taken to colour-match, however, and preserve other aspects of what made each eye unique in vanilla.

This is not meant as a total package but rather an add-on for your existing eye mod set-up, so feel free to install this on top of your pre-existing favourites – it should fit right in! Overwrite other eye mods, you won't lose their human eyes or their fancy normal maps and environment masks.

Special Thanks
  • To cuyima, who make pretty elf. That is not to imply the elf was used here, merely their existence.