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My own tweaks to Proudspire Manor. The home you know, but now hopefully worth its price.

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An asset-free overhaul of Proudspire, that aims at making the home more welcoming and useful while keeping its vanilla feel. It requires USSEP.
Two alternative options, with either two or four children beds (NB - Pick one of the two files, they're standalone).

What I edited: 
- Added HF oven, butter churn and mead barrel
- Nicer bed for Jordis
- Two extra rooms for followers (one in the basement, one at ground floor; you get them when you buy the bedroom)
- Alchemy and Enchanting facilities are now in the same area and have some additional storage. You still have to buy them separately.
- Some basic smithing equipment that you get when you buy the Enchanting furniture (only some of the smithing stations - it's a small DIY corner in a patrician home, not the Skyforge).
- Larger table in the kitchen
Optional: more childern beds if you pick the 4 beds option. It requires HF Multiple Adoptions in order to work (although you do not need to cast Bless Home)

Compatible with everything except other Proudspire overhauls.
Tested and confirmed compatible with:
Moon and Star (it adds a spawn point to all vanilla houses so it's incompatible with some overhauls, but it works well with this)
- Alternate Start (you spawn inside the master bedroom, that I haven't touched)
NOT compatible with ELFX - ELFX relies on the vanilla layout to add and remove various light sources; here you'll end up with a slightly clipping candlestick in the lab, and more annoyingly with a light that seems to come out of the wall in the basement follower bedroom. In ELFX' FOMOD, however, you can find patches to remove edits to your desired player home(s), which should solve the issue. Or you can use Luminosity which is compatible and looks great.

(I mean, nobody asked yet, but I guess I would)

Q - Why does it require USSEP?
A - Because vanilla Proudspire was littered with issues and USSEP takes care of those better than I could

Q - It looks different than in your pics
A - My pics are from my own game where I use a few more mods, namely: Noble Skyrim, Rustic Furniture/Windows/Cooking/Children/etc, Rugnarock, various clutter by ElSopa, Embers HD, Luminosity, Lucid ENB.

Q - Are you making multiple adoption options for the other homes as well?
A - No, Proudspire Manor was the only both large enough and with a big enough children beroom for it to make sense. Let's say it's where you relocate when you want to be a millionaire philantropist.

Q - I have the 4-beds version and the kids won't sleep
A - As attested by the pic, kids are perfectly able to sleep when they feel like (for those who know how Multiple Adoptions works: the beds are actually more spaced than in vanilla). It's just that kids packages are buggy in the first place and having more of them doesn't make it better. If they're standing beside the bed, try and check another night, or simply get out of the house and try again later. Taking them on holiday to another hold might help as well. The proximity of noisy pets and drinking housecarls on the other hand might keep them awake, but after all they're more likely to sleep when they stop getting attention. 

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