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A fix for Majestic Mountains as a replacer .esp to work with Better Dynamic Snow + a LOD fix that makes it much better when using custom snow mods.

Permissions and credits
Majestic Mountains-Better Dynamic Snow Patch + LOD Fix

This Fix is an .esl flagged Majestic Mountains.esp Replacer that not only carries forward the fixes to make it function with Better Dynamic Snow, but it also fixes those horrible and pesky Bright White Snowy Mountain LODs that you just can NOT seem to get rid of. This requires Better Dynamic Snow and Majestic Mountains to function, while fixing any custom Snow that Majestic Mountains adds in order to bring you seamless transitions and pleasant LOD viewing experiences. 

Only Compatible with v2.11 of Better Dynamic Snow!
This is here for those who are NOT using the latest v3.XX of Better Dynamic Snow. It will not work with any version of BDS that is v3.00 and up. I still prefer the 2.11 version, so this remains here.

Please remember to endorse if you like the work.

You will no longer need Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains. This carries out all the fixes that it makes while also making the LOD for MM better. However, I am not here to steal the thunder of another mod author, so if you would head over to Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains mod page and give it a download and endorsement if you haven't already. (in fact, if you haven't endorsed any of the mods you're using, endorse them if you like it. We mod authors appreciate it and it really makes a difference to us). He worked hard for a few years to get that going. DO NOT INSTALL HIS MOD IF YOU ARE USING THIS. IT IS REDUNDANT WHEN YOU INSTALL THIS MOD.

This requires Better Dynamic Snow and the latest Majestic Mountains Update in order to function. If you are having issues with this mod please ensure the following:

Your Majestic Mountains is up to date.
This file is below any snow LOD/rock/mountain mods in your load order (Texture replacers for MM and snow are fine)
If the above are in order for your setup and you are still having issues, try reinstalling and make sure you overwrite. If nothing is working, start a fresh save with only Better Dynamic Snow, Majestic Mountains, the snow texture you are planning on using, and this mod active in your load order to see if there is a conflict. If all works then, there is something conflicting in your load order and it isn't this mod's fault.

Download Majestic Mountains and choose the textures you prefer. It doesn't matter which one, they will all work with this fix. Install the moss option in the Majestic Mountains installer if you desire, but it isn't a requirement, as this will work with or without it. 

Next Download Better Dynamic Snow and any patches you need (not the Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains patch). Install them as you normally would.

Next install this mod. You will get a prompt to overwrite. Click yes. This is a replacer for the .esp that enables snow mountains. Yes it is a ESPFE (.esl flagged .esp)

Ta-da! You're done. Super easy.

This isn't working!!!!! 
Load a fresh game with only Majestic Mountains, Better Dynamic Snow, and this mod and see if it works. Turn off your ENB as well. If it does, then it's something on your end. If not, then report the problem.

Yes I got permission to upload this. TechAngel85 was kind enough to allow me to do this and Majestic Mountains permissions were open to modifications and re-uploads. 

If you are running SSELODGen or DynDOLOD, you will NOT have to rerun it in order to see results.

Credits!!!!!! (Yay credits!)

T4GTR34UM3R for his Majestic Mountains Mod and all the glorious other mods he has uploaded.

Techangel85 and SparrowPrince for their wonderful mods and permissions.

ThatSpartacusGuy for his original Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains. Nothing here contains his mods or his assets, but He deserves an honorable mention.

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