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White River Farm is a buildable farm mod that is simple, lightweight, and cozy. Whether you are looking for another farm to add to your agricultural mod list or you merely wanted an immersive way to get 35 planting plots (Like I did), then this mod is for you.

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White River Farm

I have always looked for a good farm for my mod list. Although there are some pretty well done mods out there that add an extreme amount of content, these mods tend to crash my game, drop my frames down to an unbearable 15fps, or even corrupt my entire save. So I thought to myself, what would be an easy and immersive way to get 35 planting plots that I felt like I had to earn, or at least, work for? So I decided to make a lightweight buildable farm mod similar to Hearthfire (Although, not quite as tedious) that lets me build my own small farmhouse that holds enough to be useful without stuffing it full to the point it didn't feel immersive. I also felt that the Dragonborn should deserve a chance to hold more property than just Breezehome. In fantasy/medieval ages like these, property was considered one of the biggest measures of wealth, and considering how wealthy some of use dragonborn can get, I thought we'd deserve something of this sort... Not to mention if Nazeem can own a farm, then I sure as hell better be able to as well.

Lore Friendly!

White River Farm is designed to be lightweight, easy to earn, and extremely modlist friendly. I have integrated it to fit the landscape almost seamlessly, trying to give a vanilla/lore friendly feel while serving its purpose in giving the player 35 land plots for growing whatever their farmer hearts' desire. You aren't just handed a farm as soon as you start the game right off the bat like a lot of other farm mods, but at the same time you don't get to expand to the point it doesn't feel like a farm anymore. (Like in my opinion, Heljarchen Farm.)

So what exactly does this mod entail?

It gives the player a farmhouse, a functioning grain mill, a fence with 35 planting plots, a cow, 3 chickens, and a mini crafting area outside that holds an armorer bench and anvil. The inside of the house holds an alchemy knook, an office, a bedroom, dining area, living space, Baking area, and a pantry. The player must buy the land from the steward, and then clear the area, and build it from the ground up, whether it be by gold or raw materials. After building the office area, you can then proceed to purchase the cow and chickens and even disable the interior and exterior workbenches to save you room if you so desire. 

Extremely Fluid

I designed this mod to accommodate those who don't want to grind for materials like I do. So I made it so there are multiple recipes for what you are building. You can either purchase it via gold, materials and firewood, or materials and lumber (for those who have already built at least one Hearthfire home). You can also use the ledger in the office inside the house to disable the workbenches that way they are out of side and out of mind while maintaining the ability to be re-enabled for any updates that may be present in the future that adds new purchasable additions.

Compatibility is Key!

I made sure to make this as compatible with multiple modlists as possible. It is completely standalone, and only alters 3 cells outside of Whiterun. It doesn't affect NPC's, quests, or other interiors other than a note in Breezehome that isn't essential (Mainly for lore friendliness) and a ledger placed in the Whiterun Steward's room. That being said, it is impossible to make it perfectly compatible with EVERY mod ever created, so I will make patches if need be for landscape conflicts etc. 

Due to demand, I have released 2 files. The main file requires you to own Breezehome in order to purchase the land. There is a note on the second floor of Breezehome on the wall that explains this. I find this to be the most lore friendly. However, I have also released an Optional file that is .esl flagged that gives an alternative method; Instead of Owning Breezehome, you must acquire the "Land For Sale" flier placed on the well in the City of Whiterun and it must be in your inventory when you go to purchase the farm. You purchase the farm in the steward's room in Dragonsreach. DO NOT REMOVE THE ALTERNATIVE PURCHASE PLUGIN MID-PLAYTHROUGH. It could very possibly break the mod and your game as it contains modified scripts.

Load Order Placement
I recommend placing this mod lower than anything that alters the landscape where the farm is placed (Location has been included in the above photos). If you come to your farm and you realize there are some landscape issues, try moving it lower in your load order. If this doesn't help, let me know of any incompatibilities and what exact mods you are using that seem to cause a conflict and I will look into it. If you are using the optional file (Alternative purchase) then that must go directly below the main file.

I highly recommend using your mod manager and installing it like normal. If you want to use the alternative purchase .esp (.esl flagged) then you must install the main file first then overwrite it with the alternative purchase plugin and scripts.

If something you built hasn't appeared immediately, try going indoors and waiting an hour! This should let the game catch up. The only issue I have encountered so far is the windmill fan on the grain mill. Waiting an hour indoors fixes it.

Seems like the mod isn't working the way it should? Try reloading a save you had before you installed this and try it then before posting a bug.

I highly recommend running DynDOLOD with this mod as it eliminates that nasty pop-in when approaching the area.

Let me know of any bugs/incompatibilities in the "Bugs" section of the page.

What is planned for the future?
Compatibility patches, a cellar offering more storage and possibly a farmhand and guard for the farm. I also may incorporate any recommendations that users would like to see in this mod, given I have the skills to do so and these recommendations stay within the concept of this mod.

Thanks DarkFox127 for giving me the knowledge and resources to complete this mod.

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